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Alice - Season 01 - Episode 05 - A Call to Arms
Alice Season 01 Episode 05 A Call to Arms
Alice Hyatt (LINDA LAVIN) is plagued by obscene phone calls and reluctantly becomes a pistol-packing mama.
  SKU 251187
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Alice - Season 01 - Episode 05 - A Call to Arms
Episode call
Alice Hyatt (LINDA LAVIN) is plagued by obscene phone calls and reluctantly becomes a pistol-packing mama.
  SKU 251187
Alice - Season 01 - Episode 04 - Pay the Fifty Dollars
Alice season
Alice (LINDA LAVIN,) makes quite an impression after a one-night singing engagement in a local nightclub.
  SKU 251189
Alice - Season 01 - Episode 03 - A Piece of the Rock
Episode piece
Alice Hyatt (LINDA LAVIN) is surprised to learn that her husband had purchased a life insurance policy before his death and shocked when she finds out that the beneficiary is another woman!.
  SKU 251191
Alice - Season 01 - Episode 02 - Alice Gets a Pass
Alice season episode alice gets pass
When Mel (VIC TAYBACK) decides to go fishing with an old college buddy who turns out to be a handsome football player, Alice (LINDA LAVIN) decides it's time to get back in the game of love.
  SKU 251193
Alice - Season 01 - Episode 01 - Pilot
Season episode
LINDA LAVIN stars as Alice Hyatt, a newly widowed mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and works as a waitress, determined to make it on her own and somehow manage to keep smiling.
  SKU 251195
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 22 - Flashback!
Season episode
Jon and Ponch reminisce about how they met and how Ponch became a CHP officer.
  SKU 251245
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 21 - Crack-Up
Chips season
Jon is injured and spends time in the hospital after he is hit by a man targeting CHP officers.
  SKU 251247
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 20 - Rainy Day
Rainy day
The CHP officers are assigned to cars and investigate a moving casino.
  SKU 251249
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 19 - Crash Diet
Chips season
The CHP officers try to reach a 1,000-pound weight loss goal, while investigating reports of a man throwing dirt at traffic.
  SKU 251251
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 18 - Cry Wolf
Episode cry
CHP officers try to catch the person calling in fake accidents.
  SKU 251253
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 17 - Hitch-Hiking Hitch
Episode hitch
Ponch and Jon get involved with a pair of hitchhikers.
  SKU 251255
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 16 - Vintage '54
Episode vintage
Ponch and Jon help reunite a baby with the family who left the little one behind following the confusion of packing for a vacation. Officers track down a group of thieves who stole Mrs. Downey's car.
  SKU 251257
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 15 - Surf's Up
Chips season episode
Ponch and Jon are transferred to Malibu Beach and must deal with a teenager who has a grudge against the police.
  SKU 251259
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 14 - Rustling
Chips season episode rustling
The CHP investigate a group of cattle rustlers trying to cheat insurance companies.
  SKU 251261
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 13 - One Two Many
Chips season
Complaints come into headquarters about Jon when a fake CHP officer resembling him causes problems along the highway during traffic stops.
  SKU 251263
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 12 - Aweigh We Go
Chips season
While assigned to duty at a weigh station, Ponch and Jon go after a hijacked truck.
  SKU 251265
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 11 - Name Your Price
Chips season
Ponch is picked as a contestant for the game show "Name Your Price." The prize he must bid on is a motorcycle like the one he rides every day and he overbids.
  SKU 251267
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 10 - Highway Robbery
Chips season episode
A motorcyclist robbing people turns out to be Jon's old football teammate.
  SKU 251269
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 09 - Hustle
Chips season episode hustle
The officers investigate some motorcycle-riding thieves, while Ponch convinces Jon to join a CHP bowling tournament.
  SKU 251271
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 08 - Green Thumb Burglar
Green thumb burglar
Ponch and Jon track down two thieves who have been stealing shrubs.
  SKU 251273
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 07 - Taking its Toll
Its toll
The CHP investigate a series of thefts by bandits at a toll booth.
  SKU 251275
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 06 - Baby Food
Baby food
The CHP investigate a shipment of baby food that spilled from a truck and is contaminated with botulism.
  SKU 251277
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 05 - Career Day
Chips season episode
Ponch is asked to appear at his old high school's Career Day and Jon helps him entertain the audience.
  SKU 251279
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 04 - Moving Violation
Chips season episode
Ponch and Jon track a stolen bus and deal with a mad driver who begins to take his car apart after receiving a ticket for speeding.
  SKU 251281
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 03 - Dog Gone
Episode dog
Ponch and Jon rescue a dog that causes an accident.
  SKU 251283
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 02 - Undertow
Chips season
Ponch accidentally breathes in some nitrous oxide leaving him ineffective. The CHP investigate reports of a tow truck driver robbing people whose cars break down.
  SKU 251285
CHiPs - Season 01 - Episode 01 - Pilot
Episode pilot
After tracking a gang of sports car thieves, Ponch and Jon earn commendations. Ponch also learns his probation period is over.
  SKU 251287
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