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A former professional football player and present-day sheriff in his hometown, the picturesque Rustin, Alabama. He maintains the enviable role of local celebrity and perennial charmer until the arrival of a troubled teenager claiming to be his daughter.
  SKU 97380
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A former professional football player and present-day sheriff in his hometown, the picturesque Rustin, Alabama. He maintains the enviable role of local celebrity and perennial charmer until the arrival of a troubled teenager claiming to be his daughter.
  SKU 97380
Eclectic Shorts
Eclectic shorts
Nickelodeon wiz-kid Erik Leiser displays his boundless creativity in this short collection; A stunning compilation of works presented with a mixture of live action, stop motion animation, puppetry and pixilation techniques, produced 2001 - 2006.
  SKU 97386
Charlie White
Charlie white
  SKU 97389
Kid Brother
Kid brother
Kenny is a bright, outgoing 13 year-old kid deeply loved by his family. He likes sports, girls, TV and his skateboard. Kenny's a normal kid in every way except for his appearance, which shocks and unsettles strangers.
  SKU 97395
King of Iron Town
King town
A former high school football star is having trouble settling into his comfortable working class life. With his job at a local plant hanging in the balance, and a baby on the way, he seeks one last taste of glory by entering a local boxing contest. D.
  SKU 97398
Five legendary bank robbers carve out a nice lifestyle for themselves during their long sentences in a Spanish maximum-security prison, where the guards and inmates buckle to their every demand.
  SKU 97404
High Priced Gift - The Sequel (Regalo Caro 2)
Regalo caro
El Chaca and his drug gang continue their operations in the face of the Federal authorities, bringing about a violent and bloody confrontation.
  SKU 97407
Soap Girl
Soap girl
In the wake of a personal tragedy, Maya, a beautiful young girl finds work in a seedy Hollywood massage parlor. She must learn the ropes in the gritty world of shampoo prostitution, gangsters, sexual assaults, corrupt police and financial hardship.
  SKU 97410
The King of Rodeo (El Rey de los Coleaderos)
The king
El Rey de los Coleaderos is the story of Juan de la Torre, a poor immigrant from Mexico who comes to the United States to make a better life for himself.
  SKU 97413
Grey Knight
Grey knight
The Civil War, a Union soldier is recruited to investigate a series of crucifixions by a renegade band of Confederate Soldiers. He enlists the help of his old mentor and a mute runaway slave girl, the only witness to the renegade band's attacks.
  SKU 97416
2005 Glitter Awards
Glitter awards
The Glitter Awards honor the releases of gay themed theatrical motion pictures with a special award presentation ceremony and a gala in Hollywood each year.
  SKU 97419
The Hole (El Agujero)
The agujero
In the days before The Day of the Dead, Pachuco returns to his home town of Patzcuaro, in the Mexican State of Michoacan, after thirty, His arrival in Patzcuaro is nothing like the heroes welcome he had always dreamed of.
  SKU 97423
Filmmaker John Jeffcoat takes an unanticipated, and often endearing look at all that is Bingo! from welfare recipients to drag queens and the Catholic Church in all it's gaudy, bawdy, and grandly humorous, best.
  SKU 97426
Tan Lines
Tan lines
Young, good looking people, meet up by chance on holiday in France; tree sisters and a hunk they never met before.
  SKU 97502
What Your Eyes Don't See
Don see
It opens with a murder. Abelardo Sachs is the owner and editor of a famous political magazine He's gunned down in his luxurious home by a masked killer. Who killed this powerful high society editor? Why was he killed?.
  SKU 97646
The Zeros
The zeros
With only weeks to live, Joe sets out to find his true lost love, make up for missed life experiences, and potentially spend his last days on the sleazy streets of New Orleans.
  SKU 97649
Wesley Cash
Wesley cash
He Came Home To Start a New Life. Instead, He Started a War.
  SKU 97655
Life in a Detroit suburb is closing in on Zoe and her two friends, Sarah and Ally. They decide to skip class, skip town, hijack a car and head west following Zoe's desire to find meaning in her Native American heritage.
  SKU 97658
Video X
Video X is a raw footage film, taken straight from the camera of crime spree killers Dwayne Foote and Darla-Jean Stanton, two rural Kentucky youngsters, who amazingly videotaped their trail of thievery and murder through six states.
  SKU 97661
A Lousy 10 Grand
Lousy grand
Ted Beckerwith, a middle-class suburban father of two-and a toilet designer for NASA - is in trouble. His credit cards are maxed out and his family needs braces, computer and shopping dollars.
  SKU 97664
After Freedom
After freedom
A unique portrait of immigrants, feeling like outsiders, struggling to survive in America.
  SKU 97667
Bailar Para Vivir (Dancing For Life)
Bailar para vivir
The film tells the stories of eleven protagonists of different social backgrounds from Mexico City, aged between 16 and 85, with only one thing in common, namely that of dancing, and music, form part of their everyday lives.
  SKU 97673
Jim Longfoot (Parish) summons the spirits of his Native American Indian ancestors, and relies on his childhood survival training, as both sides of the law hunt him.
  SKU 97679
Virtual Girl
Virtual girl
John Lewis, a programming genius, has it all- a beautiful wife and a child, a lavish home and he's on the brink of making it big after he finishes one last project, a CD-Rom Sex Game called Virtual Girl.
  SKU 97682
Utopia One
Utopia one
This collection of experimental shorts includes the winner form SXSW film festival and celebrates the talents of Australian filmaker Julian Dahl (Camjackers).
  SKU 328518
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