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1888 El Extraordinario Viaje De Jules Verne
1888 El Extraordinario Viaje De Jules Verne
1888 is the modern retelling of Jules Verne's voyage on the Santa Isabel. Jules Verne joins world-renowned Italian explorer Stradelli, in an expedition up the South American river of Orinoco.
  SKU 246767
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1888 El Extraordinario Viaje De Jules Verne
Extraordinario viaje
1888 is the modern retelling of Jules Verne's voyage on the Santa Isabel. Jules Verne joins world-renowned Italian explorer Stradelli, in an expedition up the South American river of Orinoco.
  SKU 246767
Verdades Ocultas
Verdades ocultas
Hidden Truths gives voice to countless women in Central America who have turned to the streets as a means of supporting themselves.
  SKU 246769
As Far as my Feet will Carry me
Far feet
As prisoner of war Clemens Forell, a German soldier during WW II, is sentenced to a labour camp in far east Siberia. After four years working in the mines he escapes from the camp and tries to get home to his wife and children.
  SKU 246775
Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen
Beauty queen
After an apocalypse brings the world to its knees, an ex-supermodel Amber Bathori reigns terror in her corner of the world, ruling over fuel, food and a private army. Her bloodlust is unquenchable and her jealousy uncontrollable.
  SKU 246777
Miracle in the Land of Coffee
Miracle land
Set in the 30's, in the picturesque Columbian countryside, in a time of violence between neighboring towns over local resources.
  SKU 247026
Lola's life is unfulfilling. Her relationship is abusive and she is confused all the time.
  SKU 247028
New York City has a secret. Deep in its underground tunnels hides a city of the homeless, called Scum City.
  SKU 247030
A Few Hours of Sunlight
Few hours
In FRENCH with ENGLISH Subtitles.A star powered tale of love and betrayal starring GERARD DEPARDIEU and BARBARA BACH..
  SKU 247641
Heart of Light
Heart light
In INUIT/DANISH with ENGLISH Subtitles. HEART OF LIGHT tells the story of a family in Greenland torn apart by conflict between past traditions and the modern world.
  SKU 247645
One Take
One take
Life is a one take proposition. In ONE TAKE, Kevin never stopped loving Jessie even though she left him years ago and is reported to be dead..the truth about her will shatter his world.
  SKU 247646
Galaxy Far Far Away
Far far
GALAXY features interviews with hundreds of fans, movie executives, and high profile celebrities shedding new light on the film trilogy that has captivated generations of movie goers. Special appearences by JOE PESCI, SAMUEL L. JACKSON, and more!.
  SKU 247647
The world's biggest movie star is missing, and nobody's going to find her..until she finds herself. Starring CHERYL POLLAK, RON PERLMAN, UDO KIER, and HOLLAND TAYLOR!.
  SKU 247648
Henry Hill
Henry hill
Music was his passion, until she came along..The unlikely romance between childhood musical prodigy, Henry Hill (JAMIE HARROLD), and the sexy and savvy Cynthia (MOIRA KELLY). Their relationship heats up as their feelings grow more intense..
  SKU 247650
The Long Way Home
Long way
With meticulous research and detail, THE LONG WAY HOME traces the journey to the promised land. At the time, Palestine was occupied by Great Britain who tried to prevent the stream of refugees seeking freedom as the world stood by, seemingly indifferent.
  SKU 247658
CHILLICOTHE is a smart and funny look at a fragile bunch of 20-somethings living in the Midwest, they are people that may be comically and painfully familiar. The story ping-pongs between harsh realities and the dream-like moments of a modern fable.
  SKU 247661
Shopping For Fangs
Shopping fangs
A young man convinced he's a werewolf, a young and beautiful housewife, a quirky waitress donned in a blonde wig and sunglasses, three unforgettable relationships..Fasten your seatbelts for this unique and critically acclaimed statiric thriller!.
  SKU 247662
Romance and Rejection
Romance rejection
Is happiness love you hope will last forever, or sex you know will last for days? Mike will soon find out as he walks the razor-thin line between romance and rejection. Perhaps he should've listened to his father..
  SKU 247791
Foreign Ghosts
Foreign ghosts
A trilogy of interrrelated stories about three young immigrant women in Montreal. Their stories of pride, hope, fear and desire collide in the melting pot of this big city.
  SKU 259146
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