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CHILLICOTHE is a smart and funny look at a fragile bunch of 20-somethings living in the Midwest, they are people that may be comically and painfully familiar. The story ping-pongs between harsh realities and the dream-like moments of a modern fable.
  SKU 247661
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CHILLICOTHE is a smart and funny look at a fragile bunch of 20-somethings living in the Midwest, they are people that may be comically and painfully familiar. The story ping-pongs between harsh realities and the dream-like moments of a modern fable.
  SKU 247661
Shopping For Fangs
Shopping fangs
A young man convinced he's a werewolf, a young and beautiful housewife, a quirky waitress donned in a blonde wig and sunglasses, three unforgettable relationships..Fasten your seatbelts for this unique and critically acclaimed statiric thriller!.
  SKU 247662
Romance and Rejection
Romance rejection
Is happiness love you hope will last forever, or sex you know will last for days? Mike will soon find out as he walks the razor-thin line between romance and rejection. Perhaps he should've listened to his father..
  SKU 247791
Foreign Ghosts
Foreign ghosts
A trilogy of interrrelated stories about three young immigrant women in Montreal. Their stories of pride, hope, fear and desire collide in the melting pot of this big city.
  SKU 259146
Louder Than Bombs
Louder than
Set in a small Polish town, Louder than Bombs tells the coming-of-age story of Marcin, a 21-year-old with a penchant for James Dean and The Smiths.
  SKU 259890
Maslin Beach
Maslin beach
Set on a famous nudist beach, MASLIN BEACH is a film about crazy people involved in crazy misunderstandings and romantic squabbles, a naked and hilarious search for the meaning of life.
  SKU 259891
Stanley's Gig
Stanley gig
Inspired by real life characters, the film tells the story of Stanley Myer, a down-on-luck musician with a lifetime of failed relationships, but one very big dream; to play his ukulele on a cruise line to Hawaii.
  SKU 259893
75 Degrees in July
Degrees july
The film is set against the sweltering beauty of the Texas countryside, at a family ranch estate of a well-to-do family. The return of Letty, a successful artist living in New York, upsets the facade of balance in her family.
  SKU 259894
New Guy (2003)
New guy
A critically acclaimed comedy mixing the cubicle comedies of Office Space with the terror of Twilight Zone. Gregg's first day at his new job starts off strangely, as he discovers his cubicle is covered in a sea of Post-Its left behind by his predecessor.
  SKU 259895
Once and Future Queen
Once future
Anti-Matter(Philly) is the queen of nothing, the ruler of nowhere, the monarch of ciphers.. Drifting through the Lower East Side like the death rattle echoes of rock and roll, she's on a desperate mission to get her band together.
  SKU 259896
Like A Puppet Out of String
Like puppet out string
Two Brothers; Tom and Felipe, have moved up the ranks of the street gangs because they have no greater devotion than the protection of each other.
  SKU 259897
Murder in China Basin
China basin
A neo-noir thriller in the tradition of Body Heat. A classic murder mystery, about George Guest (Harrison) who is found murdered in China Basin, an estuary where illegal Chinese immigrants hid from authorities at the turn of the century.
  SKU 259898
21 Eyes
Seth Collison is a a man obsessed. 21 hidden cameras peer unobserved into the darkest corners of his exotic habitat. Nothing escapes his gaze. Suddenly, an attack leaves his premises littered with bodies.
  SKU 259899
A Sudden Loss of Gravity
Sudden gravity
Scott (Aaron Falls) has a good reason to get drunk all the time, You'd drink too if your mother, when she was around, was Divine's dead ringer, sported a Mohawk and dressed like the child of Cindy Lauper and Boy George.
  SKU 259900
A French psychologist is obsessed with the study of famous suicidal women. She comes across the case of Antonieta Rivas Mercado, a Mexican writer who died inside Paris' Notre Dame in 1931.
  SKU 259901
Seasons of Life
Seasons life
Lauren has obtained her childhood dream of a perfect storybook life, living in a peaceful mountain community with her soul mate and two children. Then one day, tragedy strikes. In an instant, her husband and children are taken away.
  SKU 259903
Malibu Spring Break
Malibu spring
A bevy of beautiful coed girls, and surfer hunks going wild during vacation at their rich uncles beach house. Their goal to throw the ultimate party gets way out of hand when the booze and boys fuel more action than they imagined.
  SKU 259904
Enemies of Laughter
Enemies laughter
Playwright and sitcom writer Paul Halpern (Academy Award Nominee David Paymer) who can't buy a break! Somewhat successful professionally, he can't get his private life together.
  SKU 259905
Experimental feature Faustbook explores the life of a troubled mortician, Faustus, who embarks upon a dark odyssey through his work in search for truth.
  SKU 259906
Fish in a Barrel
Fish barrel
This hilarious, comic version of Reservoir Dogs tells of four petty thieves who somehow manage to steal $4 million worth of diamonds.
  SKU 259907
Four Letter Words
Four letter
A study of the post-adolescent male psyche, Four Letter Words gives an often humorous but raw unadulterated look at the views, attitudes, and language of young men in suburban America.
  SKU 259908
HOME is a sexy comic drama set at a Brooklyn house party on a hot summer night. It starts when a sarcastic loner named Bobby shows up uninvited at a party thrown by roommates Susan and rose.
  SKU 259909
The Fittest
The fittest
Since mankind has evolved out of the caves and into tract homes, what has survival of the fittest come to mean? This question is hilariously and disturbingly examined in The Fittest, a darkly comic tale of survival of the fittest suburbanites.
  SKU 259910
Guardians of the Frontier
Guardians frontier
Three beautiful young college girls embark upon a leisurely boat trip down the river Kolpa, dividing Slovenia and Croatia, at the outset of the Balcan war.
  SKU 259911
Johnny Virus
Johnny virus
Johnny Virus takes place in the Chicago Underworld of futuristic 1940's. Society has gone mad with violence because some lunatic decided to get greedy and plant bullets in the face of an almost all-powerful family mafia boss.
  SKU 259912
A former professional football player and present-day sheriff in his hometown, the picturesque Rustin, Alabama. He maintains the enviable role of local celebrity and perennial charmer until the arrival of a troubled teenager claiming to be his daughter.
  SKU 259913
Kid Brother
Kid brother
Kenny is a bright, outgoing 13 year-old kid deeply loved by his family. He likes sports, girls, TV and his skateboard. Kenny's a normal kid in every way except for his appearance, which shocks and unsettles strangers.
  SKU 259916
King of Iron Town
Iron town
A former high school football star is having trouble settling into his comfortable working class life. With his job at a local plant hanging in the balance, and a baby on the way, he seeks one last taste of glory by entering a local boxing contest. D.
  SKU 259917
Five legendary bank robbers carve out a nice lifestyle for themselves during their long sentences in a Spanish maximum-security prison, where the guards and inmates buckle to their every demand.
  SKU 259919
High Priced Gift - The Sequel (Regalo Caro 2)
High priced gift
El Chaca and his drug gang continue their operations in the face of the Federal authorities, bringing about a violent and bloody confrontation.
  SKU 259920
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