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Bailar Para Vivir (Dancing For Life)
Bailar Para Vivir (Dancing For Life)
The film tells the stories of eleven protagonists of different social backgrounds from Mexico City, aged between 16 and 85, with only one thing in common, namely that of dancing, and music, form part of their everyday lives.
  SKU 259959
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Bailar Para Vivir (Dancing For Life)
Bailar para
The film tells the stories of eleven protagonists of different social backgrounds from Mexico City, aged between 16 and 85, with only one thing in common, namely that of dancing, and music, form part of their everyday lives.
  SKU 259959
Jim Longfoot (Parish) summons the spirits of his Native American Indian ancestors, and relies on his childhood survival training, as both sides of the law hunt him.
  SKU 259961
Virtual Girl
Virtual girl
John Lewis, a programming genius, has it all- a beautiful wife and a child, a lavish home and he's on the brink of making it big after he finishes one last project, a CD-Rom Sex Game called Virtual Girl.
  SKU 259962
Los Naufragos II: Los Piratas (Castaways: The Pirates)
Los naufragos
The Cast Aways saga continues as the shipwrecked islanders discover a cave full of buried treasures, along with the bones of Pirates. They use the cave as a shelter and plan an escape with the loot.
  SKU 260028
Miracle in Cracow
Miracle cracow
In the tradition of SUNSHINE, Miracle tells the story of Peter, a young Jewish Hungarian who grew up with his grandmother in Budapest, and her secret.
  SKU 260029
Modern romantic drama from the streets of New York, Zooey tells the story of newly weds Angel and Zooey, only they are not your typical family starters.
  SKU 260115
un Titan en el Ring
Titan ring
Life is peaceful in this small village in the Andean Mountains of Ecuador. The villagers look forward to the wrestling matches held at the village tent coliseum every Saturday.
  SKU 260117
Time Of Her Life
Her life
Two ghosts, separated by time, who have roamed the grounds of a historic English mansion, searching for each other, are brought together by Ally, a photography student who is experiencing dreams she can't explain.
  SKU 260119
In the tradition of Crash, Sunsplit is an absorbing tale of three unique Los Angeles individuals. First there is Lyle, a sadistic serial killer, who preys on Tess, an attractive single mother and an expert car thief.
  SKU 260120
Scratch The Surface
Scratch surface
Beginning the early decadent 80's and continuing today, a phenomenon occurred in the US - the Supermodel.
  SKU 260122
When Sonny, a narcoleptic, tells a ghost story to his fiancÉe, Addie, at a camping trip he unknowingly slips into an altered state where he unleashes his darkest desires.
  SKU 260123
The Pianist (Vanguard Cinema)
Based on the best selling novel, A Certain Mr. Takahashi, by Ann Ireland, THE PIANIST depicts the journey of two women from childhood to womanhood through conflicting desires, betrayal, and ultimately bitter sweet love.
  SKU 260125
Persons Unknown
Persons unknown
A classic tale of crime and corruption. When former cop and current security expert Jim Holland has a one night stand with Amanda he does not realize it's a set up by Amanda and her sister Molly.
  SKU 260126
Precaucion Richard Villa Performing This Way
Performing this way
Richard Villa has become synonymous with funny since arriving on the comedy scene 3 years ago. He has been on a fast track for stardom and has rapidly become one of the most popular comedians in the industry.
  SKU 260127
Park City: The Sundance Collection
City sundance
Vanguard is proud to announce the release of the Sundance Film Festival Award Winning Shorts.
  SKU 260128
My Brother's War
Brother war
On the day of her engagement Grace Kieler finds her family and fiancÉ divided. With her future husband off to join the Union Army and her brother vows loyalty to the confederates, Grace promises her dying father to protect her brother.
  SKU 260129
MTY Extremo
Mty extremo
The mountainous beauty of Monterrey, Mexico, hides a dark underworld in this fast-paced Mexican film. When Marcos Puentes arrives in the city, he just wants to relax.
  SKU 260130
Acey is a beautiful teen is invisible to her alcoholic adopted dad, abandoned by her adoptive mom and plagued by a creepy, mystical condition in which she levitates off her bed while sleeping.
  SKU 260131
The Last Captive
The last
Set in Japan at the end of the 2nd World War, one woman stands determined, armed with her strength, pride and captivating beauty.
  SKU 260132
In The Dark
He's called Taco, Pepe, Chi-chi, all nicknames designed to mock his skin color.
  SKU 260133
Hog Island
Hog island
Katherine, wearing only her robe and slippers, walks out of her house one morning, leaving behind a safe world of comfort and success, as well as her husband Mathew, a computer professional in San Francisco.
  SKU 260134
Heartland Son
Heartland son
In a small Iowa town, Charlie Champ Hannen is the envy of town. A football scholarship is his ticket out of there and he is destined for greatness.
  SKU 260136
Get Rich Quick
Get rich
Set in a beach community during summer of surf and sexy curves. A fast-paced and crazy crime-comedy from down under.
  SKU 260137
Flip A Coin
Flip coin
Philip and Casper, two flat-mates in London's east end, flip a coin about most decisions in their lives, but mostly about women. Though Philip is the one to win the tosses, Casper is the one with the ladies.
  SKU 260138
Finding Preet
Finding preet
Priti Malani is a beautiful Indian American physician and restaurant owner in search of preet (a Hindi word for Love). Having focused on her career, she finds herself alone, and thirty something.
  SKU 260139
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