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The Dog Problem
The Dog Problem
After buying a dog named Solo, a down-on-his-luck writer finds himself in a complicated situation with his best friend.
  SKU 305031
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The Dog Problem
Dog problem
After buying a dog named Solo, a down-on-his-luck writer finds himself in a complicated situation with his best friend.
  SKU 305031
The Wendell Baker Story
Wendell baker
Luke Wilson plays a good-hearted ex-con who gets a job in a retirement hotel.
  SKU 305035
The Boys of Baraka
The boys
An emotional journey about a group of 12-year-old boys from the ghettos of Baltimore who venture 10,000 miles away to a boarding school.
  SKU 305027
Off the Black
Off black
Ray Cooke, a disheveled high school umpire, forms an unlikely friendship with troubled teenager Dave Tibbel.
  SKU 305023
Keeping Mum
Keeping mum
An absent-minded vicar, distracted by the pressures of his job, does not notice the troubles within his own family.
  SKU 305019
Awesome; I... Shot That!
Awesome shot
Madison Square Garden, NYC The Beastie Boys hand out 50 cameras to fans at their sold-out concert.
  SKU 305015
Avenue Montaigne
Avenue montaigne
A young busgirl in a chic Paris bistro transforms the lives of her famed customers and herself when she becomes engaged in their lives.
  SKU 305011
10th & Wolf
Marine Sgt. Tommy Santoro thought he had left his family's ties to the mafia behind.
  SKU 305007
When Stand Up Stood Out
Stood out
Fran Solomita takes you through an unfiltered and hilarious view of the comedians who came out of the Boston gold rush of the late '70s and early '80s.
  SKU 305003
Three Of Hearts: A Postmodern Family
Hearts postmodern
A modern ménage à trios, follows the trio of Sam, Samantha and Steve.
  SKU 304999
Three Bad Men
Three men
Three bad men are running from the authorities towards the Colorado border.
  SKU 304995
The Untold Story Of Emmett Louis Till
Story emmett
A ten-year journey to uncover the truth behind the horrendous murder of an innocent African American teenager.
  SKU 304991
The Life And Hard Times Of Guy Terrifico
Hard times
Guy Terrifico, one of the brightest stars of '70's country-rock left nothing but fond memories and outrageous stories behind when he died suddenly.
  SKU 304987
The Choke
The choke
When news breaks that the lead singer of The Choke is going solo, their last gig promises to be packed with bad feelings.and murder.
  SKU 304983
The Big Question
The question
Cast and crew of The Passion of the Christ give their insights into the concepts of spirituality.
  SKU 304979
Southern Justice
Southern justice
In a small southern town where fanaticism, vengeance and murder collide, ex-military sniper Slim Manning is fighting against time.
  SKU 304975
Protocols of Zion
Protocols zion
Filmmaker Marc Levin sets out to understand why Zionhas been revived and to challenge one of the most insidious conspiracy theories of all time.
  SKU 304971
Mi Amigo
Cowboy buddies Pal Grishman and Bobby Ray Burns lived their lives in the lawless West.
  SKU 304967
Love Comes To The Executioner
Love comes
A recent college grad finds it hard to find a job in the hometown where his brother is on Death Row.
  SKU 304963
Looking for Kitty
Looking kitty
A small town baseball coach wakes up to discover that his beautiful wife Kitty has disappeared.
  SKU 304959
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