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The Great Ships - Battleships
The Great Ships Battleships
Picking up where the Dreadnoughts left off, these massive vessels carried the largest, most powerful guns ever to be put on a warship.
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The Great Ships - Battleships
The great
Picking up where the Dreadnoughts left off, these massive vessels carried the largest, most powerful guns ever to be put on a warship.
  SKU 108923
The Great Ships - Pirate Ships
The great
This program recounts the reign and the swift, agile, and dangerous pirate ships that were the scourge of the high seas during the golden age of piracy in the late 17th and early 18 centuries.
  SKU 108925
In Search of History - The Knights Templar
History knights
The legendary Knights of Templar guard the secrets of Christianity.
  SKU 108931
In Search of History - The Knights of Camelot
Search history
From its inception, Camelot was shrouded in mystery and magic. Did such a place once exist? Was King Arthur real, or merely legend?.
  SKU 108933
In Search of History - Navajo Code Talkers
Search history navajo
They came from the valleys, mesas and arid plains of the four corners where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet. They came from the vast Navajo reservation, from Kayenta, Gallup, Tuba City, Shiprock.
  SKU 108935
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - The Coup D'etat
Kennedy coup etat
The most comprehensive examination of the case yet, THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY investigates shocking allegations about JFK's murder, drawing on exclusive interviews, startling evidence and more.
  SKU 108939
Modern Marvels - Apollo 11
Modern marvels apollo
As mankind's greatest achievement of the 20th century, Apollo 11 stood as the pinnacle of science, exploration, flight and especially technological prowess.Today the exploration of the moon is a distant memory.
  SKU 108949
Modern Marvels - Castles & Dungeons
Marvels castles
Towers, torture and trebuchets. Mottes, moats and murder holes. These fortifications aren't your Disneyland variety. Sleeping Beauty doesn't have the guts to live here.
  SKU 108953
Modern Marvels - Golden Gate Bridge
Modern marvels golden
It was the bridge they said could never be built-the span too wide, the shore too unstable, the turbulent waters of the San Francisco Bay channel too wild to be tamed by the hand of man.
  SKU 108959
Modern Marvels - Great Wall of China
Modern marvels great
China, where history and myth intertwine so completely that it is sometimes nearly impossible to separate fact from fable.
  SKU 108961
Modern Marvels - James Bond Gadgets
Modern marvels
His movies are legend. His women are beautiful. And his toys are the best in the world.
  SKU 108963
Modern Marvels - Mount Rushmore
Marvels mount
In the Black Hills of South Dakota, the sculptor Gutzon Borglum created the world's most gigantic piece of sculpture by carving the faces of four American presidents into a granite cliff.
  SKU 108967
Digging for the Truth - Season 01 - Episode 01 - Giants of Easter Island
Digging truth season episode giants easter island
On the remotest island on the face of the planet, stand the massive, enigmatic stone statues of Easter Island.
  SKU 97241
Digging for the Truth - Season 01 - Episode 02 - The Iceman Cometh
Digging truth season
In 1991, a pair of hikers stumbled onto one of the most remarkable finds in the history of archaeology: the perfectly preserved body of a 5,000-year old man.
  SKU 97243
Digging for the Truth - Season 01 - Episode 03 - The Lost Tribe of Israel
Lost tribe
The mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel has fascinated people down the ages.
  SKU 97245
Digging for the Truth - Season 01 - Episode 06 - Secrets of the Nasca Lines
Digging truth season
Etched into the driest desert in the world, the mysterious lines and figures of Nazca in Southern Peru are invisible from the ground.
  SKU 97251
Digging for the Truth - Season 01 - Episode 07 - Who Built Egypt's Pyramids?
Digging truth season
The great Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have inspired awe and wonder and, quite likely, fierce speculation from the moment they were built. In fact, even the date of their construction has become a topic of debate.
  SKU 97253
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