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The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
A dedicated scientist, his ditzy wife, an evil scientist, a catwoman, two clueless aliens, a ghastly three-eyed mutant and The Lost Skeleton are all involved.
  SKU 255011
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The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Skeleton cadavra
A dedicated scientist, his ditzy wife, an evil scientist, a catwoman, two clueless aliens, a ghastly three-eyed mutant and The Lost Skeleton are all involved.
  SKU 255011
Gillian Anderson stars in this dark thriller about a couple that embarks on a violent spree after surviving a gang attack.
  SKU 255017
Muppets from Space
Muppets space
The Muppets are back in a zany comedy about the search for Gonzo's past. The entire Muppet cast, led by Kermit and Miss Piggy, must save Gonzo.
  SKU 255020
A reporter (John Travolta) looks for the inside story on the fitness craze of the '80s only to findtrue love (Jamie Lee Curtis).
  SKU 255026
Magic in the Water
Magic water
A hearty and heart-warmingly enchanting tale about a legendary lake monster who brings fun-filled adventure to a young girl and her family.
  SKU 255029
Devil's Own
Devil own
Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt co-star in Alan J. Pakula's hit about about a New York cop and an Irishterrorist who face the ultimate danger when their lives intersect.
  SKU 255032
The Baby Sitters Club
The baby
Based on the best-selling book series about seven friends whose babysitting business leads to adventure.
  SKU 255035
Rocket Gibraltar
Rocket gibraltar
In celebration of their patriarch's (Burt Lancaster) 77th birthday, a family unites for a last celebration. Also starring Macaulay Culkin.
  SKU 255038
Wind Chill
Wind chill
From Executive Producers George Clooney, Ben Cosgrove and Steven Soderbergh comes this chilling horror about the terrifying legacy.
  SKU 255041
Bobby Z
One Man. Two Lives. Countless Enemies. Marked for death by a biker gang, ex-Marine convict Tim Kearney just got one last chance to walk out of jail alive.
  SKU 255044
Side Out
Side out
It's an endless summer of fun when C. Thomas Howell and Peter Horton hit the beach at Malibu in this high-spirited tribute to the California lifestyle.
  SKU 255047
Seeing Double
Seeing double
The adventures of six young adults, four girls and two boys, in their early-20's.
  SKU 255050
Mary Reilly
Mary reilly
An innocent Irish housemaid finds herself enmeshed in a love triangle between her kindly employer, Dr. Jekyll, and his brutal alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. Directed by Stephen Frears.
  SKU 255053
Immortal Beloved
Immortal beloved
Gary Oldman stars in this tale of a man of genius, a woman of passion and the mystery of a lifetime. The untold story of Ludwig van Beethoven.
  SKU 255056
I Like it Like That
Like like that
Set in the Bronx, I LIKE IT LIKE THAT is about love, family and a young woman's coming of age.
  SKU 255059
This file from Jim Henson Pictures tells the hilarious story of an eccentric socialite (Rene Russo)who raises a gorilla from infancy.
  SKU 255062
Walking Tall: Lone Justice
Walking tall lone justice
Kevin Sorbo (Walking Tall: The Payback, TV's Hercules) stars in this action-packed sequel to the hit film, Walking Tall: The Payback.
  SKU 255065
Tekkon Kinkreet
Tekkon kinkreet
From the creators of Animatrix comes this visually-stunning new anime film based on a popular Japanese manga written by Taiyo Matsumoto.
  SKU 255068
Black Book
Black book
In the darkest days of World War II, a Dutch Resistance cell enlists a sexy spy (Carice van Houten) to go undercover inside a Nazi stronghold where she discovers that the enemy is all too human.
  SKU 255071
Carolina Moon
Carolina moon
A woman who has psychic visions returns to her hometown to exorcise her demons, and finds both danger and love. Based upon the Nora Roberts Novel.
  SKU 255074
Blue Smoke
Blue smoke
A fire that destroys her family's business inspires one woman to become an arson investigator, but can she stand the heat of her personal life?.
  SKU 255077
The Mask Of Zorro
The mask
A sweeping tale of love and honor, tragedy and triumph set against the Spanish conquest of Mexico, THE MASK OF ZORRO stars Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas.
  SKU 255186
Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman star in this futuristic sci-fi thriller about a world where genetic engineering is used to perfect the human species.
  SKU 255191
Air Force One
Air force one
HARRISON FORD and GARY OLDMAN star in Wolfgang Petersen's thriller about the hijacking of Air Force One with the First Family on board.
  SKU 255196
The Fifth Element
The fifth
LUC BESSON directs BRUCE WILLIS, GARY OLDMAN and IAN HOLM in a timeless story that takes a glimpse into a non-apocalyptic future.
  SKU 255199
The Lives of Others
The lives
This Oscar®-winning thriller (Best Foreign Language Film, 2006) tells the erotic story of an East German couple whose every intimate moment is being monitored by the Secret Police hoping to learn information that could destroy their lives.
  SKU 258408
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