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The Art of War II: Betrayal
The Art of War II Betrayal
Wesley Snipes reprises his role in The Art of War II: Betrayal - the exhilarating high-action sequel to the $40MM worldwide box office hit Art of War..
  SKU 329625
Price : $19.95
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The Art of War II: Betrayal
War betrayal
Wesley Snipes reprises his role in The Art of War II: Betrayal - the exhilarating high-action sequel to the $40MM worldwide box office hit Art of War..
  SKU 329625
The Bedford Incident
The bedford incident
Richard Widmark portrays the captain of a newly launched U.S. Destroyer who is obsessed with hunting down a particular Soviet submarine regardless of the great risks involved.
  SKU 329629
The Bride
The bride
Dr. Frankenstein builds the perfect woman - and lives to regret it - in this tantalizing marriage of horror, romance and unbridled passion.
  SKU 329637
The Fog of War
Fog war
Academy Award(r)-winner for Best Documentary Feature, THE FOG OF WAR is the story of America as seen through the eyes of the former Secretary of Defense under President Kennedy and President Johnson, Robert S. McNamara.
  SKU 329641
The Gods Must be Crazy II
The gods must crazy
Xixo is back again. This time his children accidentally stowaway aboard a fast moving poachers truck, unable to get off. Xixo sets out to rescue them.
  SKU 329645
The Triplets of Belleville
Triplets belleville
When her bicycle-enthusiast grandson is kidnapped by mysterious henchmen, an old woman is aided in her search by her faithful dog and three eccentric divas.
  SKU 329649
The Winslow Boy
The winslow
When a young boy claims he was expelled for something he didn't do, his father sacrifices everything to defend his family's honor. Based on Terence Rattigan's celebrated play, adapted and directed byDavid Mamet.
  SKU 329653
Bye Bye Birdie
Bye bye
Janet Leigh and Dick Van Dyke star in this irresistible account of Elvis-mania in the 1950s. Based on the Broadway smash.
  SKU 330044
California Suite
California suite
A divorced couple concerned about the future of their daughter; a philandering husband who must explain a hooker to his wife; and two couples on the worst vacation imaginable.
  SKU 330048
Casey's Shadow
Casey shadow
A funny and touching story for the whole family about an irascible, impoverished horse trainer Lloyd Bourdelle (Walter Matthau) and his three sons.
  SKU 330052
Castle Keep
Castle keep
Burt Lancaster, Peter Falk and Bruce Dern star in this extraordinary melding of war drama, satiric comedy and heroic action from director Sydney Pollack.
  SKU 330056
Cat Ballou
Cat ballou
Classic Western spoof about a notorious female outlaw and her devoted gang of followers.
  SKU 330060
Henry Fool
Henry fool
With his sixth feature film, Hal Hartley, brings us a riotous epic of friendship, ambition, and forgiveness which is as emotional as it is funny, as thoughtful as it is disturbing.
  SKU 330064
One False Move
One false
A small-town sheriff is out to bag his first big city drug dealers.. until he learns his ex-girlfriend is one of them.
  SKU 330072
Buck and the Preacher
Buck preacher
Action-packed Western about a scout and a con man who team up toprotect the Exodusters: ex-slaves who traveled across the West after the Civil War.
  SKU 330080
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