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My Girl
My Girl
A touching coming-of-age comedy about an eleven-year old tomboy (Anna Chlumsky) and her best friend Thomas (Macaulay Culkin).
  SKU 36153
Price : $9.95
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My Girl
A touching coming-of-age comedy about an eleven-year old tomboy (Anna Chlumsky) and her best friend Thomas (Macaulay Culkin).
  SKU 36153
My Girl 2
Vada visits Los Angeles to research her dead mother's past and makes a surprising discovery about family and love.
  SKU 36208
Darkness Falls
Darkness falls
A young man, considered crazy by everyone in town, except for his childhood girlfriend and her little brother, is put to the ultimate test when he becomes the only thing that stands between a legendary evil and the little brother.
  SKU 36263
Puff, Puff, Pass
Puff puff
Danny Masterson (TV's 'That '70s Show') leads a hilarious ensemble cast that includes Mekhi Phifer (Dawn of the Dead, 8 Mile), Terry Crews (TV's 'Everybody Hates Chris,' Friday After Next), Darrell Hammond (TV's 'Saturday Night Live').
  SKU 36318
The White Countess
The white
Set in 1930s Shanghai, a blind American diplomat (Ralph Fiennes) develops a curious relationship with a young Russian refugee (Natasha Richardson) who works odd - and sometimes illicit - jobs to support members of her dead husband's aristocratic family.
  SKU 36373
Cirque du Soleil: Lovesick
Cirque lovesick
Dare to enter the sensual world of LOVESICK, an adult-themed, reality-based drama that explores the eccentric lives lead by Sin City's most provocative performers.
  SKU 36428
Geronimo: An American Legend
Geronimo american legend
Gripping epic of the Apache warrior who sacrificed everything for his people. Stars ROBERT DUVALL and JASON PATRIC.
  SKU 36480
On the Waterfront
Marlon Brando stars in this hard-hitting drama about an ex-prizefighter who goes up against labor leaders to expose corruption in the ranks.
  SKU 36531
The Forgotten
The forgotten
Haunted by the memories of a son her husband swears she never had, a distraught mother's search for the truth leads to a mind-shattering conspiracy of unearthly terror.
  SKU 36582
London follows a group of hip, wealthy twentysomethings who share a love of cocaine and partying in this twisted and obsessive love story about Syd (Chris Evans) and his former girlfriend London (Jessica Biel).
  SKU 36636
When a Stranger Calls
When stranger
Fear turns to horror when a 16-year-old babysitter realizes a series of frightening phone calls that threaten the sleeping children are coming from within the house itself.
  SKU 36691
If Only
After his impetuous musician girlfriend, Samantha, dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight (and nearly broke up), a grief-stricken British business man, Ian Wyndham, living in London gets a chance to relive the day all over again.
  SKU 36746
Surrender, Dorothy
Surrender dorothy
When her daughter Sara (Davalos) unexpectedly passes away, Natalie (Keaton) retreats to the summer home where she and Sara used to visit. Time with her best friends and some of Sara's friends help her deal with her loss.
  SKU 36801
Based on the best selling novel, this explosive action thriller stars Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore.
  SKU 51205
Godzilla (1998)
The enormous monster descends upon New York, and it's up to the Army and an odd team of investigators to unravel the mystery behind the incredible creature before it's too late.
  SKU 51541
For John Clasky (ADAM SANDLER), life as a celebrity chef means balancing a high-profile career and raising a family. So when his family hires a gorgeous new housekeeper from Mexico, John quickly learns it may be his life that needs translation!.
  SKU 51593
Adam Sandler's: Eight Crazy Nights
Eight crazy
Once a happy boy and now the town delinquent, Davey (voiced by Sandler) is given one last chance to redeem himself with the community and discover the true meaning of the holiday season.
  SKU 51648
All the Pretty Horses
Pretty horses
This moving, rugged adventure combines drama, excitement and romance in an epic story of a young man's journey through love, longing, betrayal, loss and survival.
  SKU 51703
Anger Management
Anger management
A timid businessman is wrongly sentenced to an anger management program, where he has his life turned upside-down by an ultra-agressive instructor who hardly practices what he preaches.
  SKU 51758
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