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L 'Enfant (The Child)
L 'Enfant (The Child)
A gritty, modern day love story about desperation, love and redemption. A young impoverished Belgian couple, Bruno and Sonia, must deal with the consequences when Bruno sells their newborn baby for cold hard cash.
  SKU 68488
Price : $14.95
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L 'Enfant (The Child)
Enfant child
A gritty, modern day love story about desperation, love and redemption. A young impoverished Belgian couple, Bruno and Sonia, must deal with the consequences when Bruno sells their newborn baby for cold hard cash.
  SKU 68488
An overworked executive, Bob Munro (Robin Williams), persuades his wife and children to give up their Hawaiian vacation for some 'family bonding' on a cross-country RV trip.But Bob has other, more career-oriented reasons on his mind..
  SKU 68493
The Blob
The blob
A malignant, gelatinous life form takes over a small town in this visually gut-wrenching thriller.
  SKU 68503
The Hard Corps
The corps
An ex-combat Desert Storm veteran hired as a bodyguard by a former World Heavyweight boxing champ to protect his family against a powerful rap music mogul and thug who has just been released from prison.
  SKU 68508
The Next Karate Kid
The next
When ancient wisdom takes on teenage spunk, 1,000 years of karate tradition gets a swift kick in the pants.
  SKU 68513
Wild Things
Wild things
Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell star in a steamy story of murder, intrigue and sex.
  SKU 68518
Silent Hill
Silent hill
Based on the popular horror game, Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) and Sean Bean (National Treasure) star in this action thriller about a town possessed by the damned and a mother who must survive it in order to save her forsaken daughter.
  SKU 68523
Friends With Money
Friends money
Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand and Joan Cusak play four best friends whose comfortable lives are thrown off-balance as the realities of early middle-age set in.
  SKU 68590
Mountain Patrol: Kekexili
Mountain kekexili
Inspired by a people's remarkable mission, this film follows a journalist through the dangerous mountains of Tibet, documenting a group of vigilantes chasing antelope poachers.
  SKU 68595
13 Going On 30
JENNIFER GARNER and MARK RUFFALO star in 13 GOING ON 30, a flash-forward romantic comedy about a pre-teen girl who goes from geek to glamorous.
  SKU 70862
Little Black Book
Little black book
A young woman's life begins to resemble the daytime TV talk show she works for after she is persuaded to snoop through her boyfriend's Palm Pilot and discovers more than she wants to know about his past - and present. Starring BRITTANY MURPHY!.
  SKU 70863
Can't Hardly Wait
Can hardly
Graduation ceremony over, it's time for Huntington High's graduation party, as jocks, geeks, prom queens, and misfits alike make a statement about the past, and plot the uncertain future. Starring SETH GREEN and JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT !!.
  SKU 70864
As dark forces gather to hasten the Apocalypse, HELLBOY fights fire with fire in this mind-blasting supernatural action-adventure from the visionary director of Blade 2. Starring RON PERLMAN and JOHN HURT.
  SKU 70866
Riding Giants
Riding giants
From its early Hawaiian roots to its current status as a recreational lifestyle enjoyed worldwide, bigwave surfing is given the definitive exploration by acclaimed director Stacy Peralta (Dogtown and Z-Boys).
  SKU 70867
Soccer Dog: European Cup
Soccer dog
Imagine a mutt who can outplay Beckham on the field while turning a team of laughable misfits into a lean mean fighting machine. Starring NICK MORAN, JAKE THOMAS, LORI HEURING and SCOTT CLEVERDON.
  SKU 70868
The End of the Affair
The affair
A World War II-based love triangle between a British civil servant, his unfaithful wife and an American writer. Based on the novel by Graham Greene. Starring JULIANNE MOORE, STEPHEN REA and RALPH FIENNES.
  SKU 70869
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