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Air Force One
Air Force One
HARRISON FORD and GARY OLDMAN star in Wolfgang Petersen's thriller about the hijacking of Air Force One with the First Family on board.
  SKU 255196
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Air Force One
Air force one
HARRISON FORD and GARY OLDMAN star in Wolfgang Petersen's thriller about the hijacking of Air Force One with the First Family on board.
  SKU 255196
The Fifth Element
The fifth
LUC BESSON directs BRUCE WILLIS, GARY OLDMAN and IAN HOLM in a timeless story that takes a glimpse into a non-apocalyptic future.
  SKU 255199
The Lives of Others
The lives
This Oscar®-winning thriller (Best Foreign Language Film, 2006) tells the erotic story of an East German couple whose every intimate moment is being monitored by the Secret Police hoping to learn information that could destroy their lives.
  SKU 258408
The Buddy Holly Story
Buddy holly
GARY BUSEY stars as the archetypal rock star Buddy Holly!!.
  SKU 263656
Brothers In Arms
Brothers arms
The most dangerous outlaws in the New Mexico territory take their revenge on the bloodthirsty crew who murdered their kin in this fresh look at cowboys living large in the wild American West.
  SKU 263658
Surf's Up
Surf up
Come join Cody (Shia LaBeouf), a Rockhopper penguin, as he journeys from his home in Shiverpool, Antarctica, to take part in the Big Z Memorial Surf-Off on the beach of Pen Gu Island.
  SKU 263660
Rise: Blood Hunter
Rise blood
From the producers of THE GRUDGE Franchise comes this terrifying new thriller starring Lucy Liu!.
  SKU 263663
Reign Over Me
Reign over
A heartwarming story of two men who rediscover their friendship at a pivotal moment in their lives.
  SKU 263666
Fright Night
Fright night
A teenager enlists the help of a TV horror movie host to subdue a suave vampire.
  SKU 263669
Dance with Me
A handsome young Cuban with a passion for life and flair for Latin dance gives new energy to a faded dance studio and its instructor.
  SKU 263672
Crossroads (1986)
Soulful Delta R&B uplifts the tale of a gifted guitarist looking for the soul of the blues in the hands of the Devil.
  SKU 263675
Face of Terror
Face terror
A hard-edged, American cop searches for his kidnapped sister in Spain and uncovers an explosive terrorist plot.
  SKU 263678
Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud
Pumpkinhead blood
Horror Icon Lance Henriksen (Pumpkinhead, AVP: Alien vs. Predator) stars in this riveting sequel to the Pumpkinhead franchise of horror films.
  SKU 263681
Immediate Family
Immediate family
Glenn Close and James Woods star as a successful young couple who have everything it takes to be parents..except a baby.
  SKU 263687
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy birthday
Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) is proud that she belongs to a clique. The best students at a private school.
  SKU 263690
Sniper 3
Master Gunnery Sergeant Beckett is the U.S. Marine Corps' deadliest sniper. Having taken out warlords, drug kingpins and international assassins, he must now face the ulitmate enemy, his best friend..
  SKU 263693
In this heart-pounding sci-fi thriller, something strange is happening to the appliances in 11-yearold David's home. Televisions, microwaves, computers, dryers and furnaces have all become weapons of destruction.
  SKU 263696
The Odessa File
The odessa
A German journalist attempts to track down Nazi war criminals in this top-notch suspense thriller starring Academy Award? winners Jon Voight and Maximilian Schell.
  SKU 263699
My Life
Soaring family love story about a high-powered executive (Michael Keaton) diagnosed with terminal cancer who's forced to make plans for his unborn son.
  SKU 263702
Money Train
Money train
Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson play undercover cops in the New York underground who go head-to-head over an inside job in this adrenaline-pumping adventure locomotive.
  SKU 263705
Man from Elysian Fields
Man elysian fields
A writer is unable to financially support his family when his publisher rejects his most recent novel.
  SKU 263709
Robin and Marian
Robin marian
This swashbuckling, high-spirited romantic sequel to the classic Robin Hood adventure stars Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn.
  SKU 263712
Christmas Do-Over
Christmas over
A fun-filled holiday movie that tells a story about a man who's forced to re-live Christmas day until he uses his second chance to make much-needed changes in his life.
  SKU 263715
In Cold Blood
Cold blood
The powerful true story of a callous murder from the minds of the criminals who performed it. Basedon Truman Capote's best-selling novel.
  SKU 263718
Kings of South Beach
Kings south beach
Based on the true story of a Miami Beach nightclub owner who takes a young employee under his wing, while trying to avoid bankruptcy and the mafia.
  SKU 263724
Ice Spiders
Ice spiders
When a young ski team training for the Olympics arrives at the remote and isolated Lost Mountain Ski Resort to focus on training, they?re thrilled to find ?Dash? Dashiell, a retired Olympic skier, is there to help them train.
  SKU 263727
Spider-Man 3
Spider man
Spider-Man must fight the most terrifying trio of villains he's ever encounteredthe deadly Sandman, the New Goblin, and Venomplus the enemy he discovers within himself.
  SKU 263774
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