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Across America: Sturgis
Across America Sturgis
See what happens when half a million Harley Davidson riders take over a small town in South Dakota, at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Needless to say, it was one big party.
  SKU 17429
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Across America: Sturgis
Across america
See what happens when half a million Harley Davidson riders take over a small town in South Dakota, at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Needless to say, it was one big party.
  SKU 17429
Across America: Pennsic War
Across america
Across America goes back to medieval times for Pennsic War 32. Over ten thousand people gather in rural Pennsylvania, dress up in full amour and beat each other up in full contact battles.
  SKU 17431
Get Out: Dallas
Out dallas
Join Lindsay and Misty as they party it up in Big D and visit the hot and the hip restaurants and bars in Dallas' trendy uptown area.
  SKU 17433
Get Out: Houston Superbowl
Get out
Join the Get Out! crew as they check out the hottest superbowl parties including the ESPN and Sports Illustrated Soiree and take in some of the sites in and around Houston before the big game.
  SKU 17435
Binge And Purge
Binge purge
Christmas, the near future: terrorist attacks have turned North America into a police state. Strange murders have begun to plague the capital city. The police chief assigns two officers to look into the disappearance of a young fashion model.
  SKU 17446
Hey...Stop Stabbing Me!
Hey stop
Recent college graduate Herman Schumacher has just taken up residence in an apparently great house with apparently great roommates. But all is not well. Why did the roommate Herman replaced leave all of his stuff behind,.
  SKU 17458
Killing Spree
Killing spree
From the creator of TRUTH OR DARE comes a new kind of madness! Young newlywed Tom Russo believes hislucious new wife Leeza is having sexual encounters with their suburban neighbors and visitors.
  SKU 17466
Nite Owl
Nite owl
Set in 1984 on the streets of Manhattan's lower east side, JEFFREY ARSENAULT's gritty, guerrilla-style debutfeature, NIGHT OWL, is a nightmarish tale of urban vampires. JOHN LEGUIZAMO stars as Angel.
  SKU 17470
Realms Of Blood
Realms blood
REALMS OF BLOOD features three tales of terror told by two roommates caught in a blackout. Dare to watch PainKiller, the story of a soldier who returns home from the Gulf War disfigured and mentally unstable..
  SKU 17478
Strawberry Estates
Strawberry estates
This tape is intended for F.B.I. officials only. Possession by non-authorized personnel is prohibited. Red File 66-095: Strawberry Estates For Authorized Eyes Only In Nov. of 1999.
  SKU 17482
Sudden Fury
Sudden fury
Randall (Paul Murphy) is a small time crime boss with his eye firmly on his rivals cocaine stash and criminal empire. Randall and his right-hand henchman Jimmy, (Andy Ranger) hire legendary hitman Walker (Nick Rendell),.
  SKU 17486
Truth Or Dare? A Critical Madness
Truth dare critical madness
Meet Mike Strauber. He plays a deadly game. He plays Truth or Dare with everyone..even himself!Truth or Dare, a child's game turned into a psychotic, twisted game of self-destruction.
  SKU 17502
Capo Nord
Capo nord
Four Neapolitan boys, dreaming of an easy way to make money, reach Norway. Love, work and the encounter with difference and death will shape their souls, and they will be forced to face life, in a disturbing Northern Europe.
  SKU 17509
The Buma (Il Buma)
The buma
The Buma deals with the story of an Italian/Hebrew family in Alexandria, Egypt, between 1967 (the year of Six days War) and the end of the 1980's. Through Andrea's eyes - whose family atthe time of Nassercame back to Italy from Egypt.
  SKU 17513
The Lord Of The Rain (Il Dio Della Pioggia)
The lord rain
A village on the Vesuvius: a Man remembers. A Child spies a young girl that puts an amphora full of water on her head. He throws a stone against the amphora, breaking it.
  SKU 17517
Marlene's Song (La Poesia Di Marlene)
Poesia marlene
A French painter, Pierre, and a Brazilian child, Marlene, live next door. Pierre is seriously sick, and one day feeling really bad he badly pushes Marlene away. When he tries to regain her friendship it's too late: the child has moved.
  SKU 17521
Other People's Life (La Vita Degli Altri)
Degli altri
During a mission to install technical tools for the Vesuvius' monitoring, Luisa, a young volcanologist, meets Mariano, a member of a criminal organization. The spark of friendship is kindled between the woman..
  SKU 17525
The Impure Glance (Lontano In Fondo Agli Occhi)
Fondo agli
In ITALIAN with ENGLISH Subtitles.In a family dominated by female characters a boy anxiously awaits the return of his father. Fearing to lose his mother's love, he projects his desires onto the fifteen-year old maid.
  SKU 17529
The Last Lesson (L'Ultima Lezione)
The last
On the night of April 14th 1987, Professor Federico CaffÈ, one of the greatest Italian economists, mysteriously disappears without leaving any trace.
  SKU 17533
One Last Time (Per L'Ultima Volta)
Ultima volta
A young Russian prostitute, Giulia meets Massimo, an elegant architect, who, asks her to spend some days at his house. Giulia's escape triggers off a series of irreparable events.
  SKU 17537
Long Live The Monkey (Viva La Schimmia)
Viva schimmia
Two unmarried sisters found themselves in the maternal house. They are quite different, but they are both influenced by bourgeois hypocrisy and the respectability cult. Squashed by the tyrannical old mother, they desperately try to set free..
  SKU 17545
Across America: Models
Across models
Models know that time is running out on their careers..Sabrina will do most anything to stay on top..Branden is a rookie in New York, a devout Christian, with a body to kill for. His limits are reached when he's asked to pose with naked women.
  SKU 17563
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