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Across America: Nature's Treasure
Across America Nature's Treasure
Artists, collectors and spectacular bronze sculptures transform the town of Loveland, Colorado each year, during the annual Bronze Show. And an old currency takes on a new look-the $20-bill gets a facelift.
  SKU 27297
Price : $9.95
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Across America: Nature's Treasure
Nature treasure
Artists, collectors and spectacular bronze sculptures transform the town of Loveland, Colorado each year, during the annual Bronze Show. And an old currency takes on a new look-the $20-bill gets a facelift.
  SKU 27297
Across America: Surfers
Across america
California surfers search for the perfect wave and the perfect surfboard. Co-host Kandace Krueger reaches for the mind-body connection in a Denver yoga studio.
  SKU 27301
Across America: The Demolition Derby
Demolition derby
A passion for self-defense leads people to the Nevada desert, and a group of Connecticut drivers find the perfect outlet for road rage: the Demolition Derby.
  SKU 27303
Little Shots of Happiness
Little shots happiness
Frances, a bored 9-to-5-er, decides to leave her mentally unstable husband and begins to secretly live out of her office. Each night she goes to a nightclub and forces herself out of her protected prim existence by picking up different men.
  SKU 4918
Johnny Cash: Live at Montreux
Johnny cash
1994 was to prove to be the great Johnny Cash's only appearance at the Montreux Festival. The Man in Black had just released his acclaimed American Recordings album and his European tour took in Montreux on July 5.
  SKU 57370
Marilyn Manson: God, Guns and Government World Tour
Marilyn manson god guns government world tour
  SKU 57378
Cat Stevens: Majikat - The Concert
Cat stevens
CAT STEVENS' Majikat, Earth Tour was recorded during his last legendary North American tour in 1976, before he quit the music business and became Yusuf Islam; he didn't perform on stage again for nearly thirty years.
  SKU 57386
Diana Krall: Live in Paris
Live paris
Recorded live at the Paris Olympia to a sold out audience,the captivating voice of Diana Krall delivers a sensual collection of romantic ballads and bossa novas.
  SKU 57406
Electric Light Orchestra: Live at Wembley
Electric light orchestra
The Seventies was the decade when rock became show business, and nobody put on a better show than the Electric Light Orchestra. The whole world plugged in as the best of classical met the pop generation. The result? Classic rock!.
  SKU 57410
Etta James and the Roots Band: Burnin Down the House
Etta james
Etta James, and her long time ensemble - The Roots Band, Showcases her ability to take on any genre and conquer it.
  SKU 57414
Procol Harum: Live at the Union Chapel
Union chapel
British rock legends Procol Harum are captured here at their finest in concert at London's Union Chape. The band performtracks from their latest album, The Well's On Fire, alongside many of their classics.
  SKU 57434
The Doors: Live in Europe 1968
Live europe
Filmed During their European tour in 1968. The Doors swept through the cities of London, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.
  SKU 57455
The Zero Boys
Zero boys
In the wilderness of Southern California, a group of weekend warriors will come face to face with torture and death. In one single stormy night, frightening, spine-chilling events will turn their fun-filled lives to a nightmare of blood, guts and bones.
  SKU 5941
Sky High (OMEGA)
High omega
Gorgeous babes, insanely hilarious villains, a secret Russian formula and the magic of the Greek islands, blend nicely with three wacky college kids from L.A. in the pursuit of truth, justice and loose women.
  SKU 5950
Grandmother's House
Grandmother house
Are there any deadly secrets buried in the orange groves? Are they ghosts of the past or is it just the hyperactive imagination of a boy? You won't find any answers until the final thirty seconds of this wonderfully crafted thriller.
  SKU 5956
Ninja Academy
Ninja academy
A group of misfits. A tough sensei with a heart of gold. He has to turn a bunch of geeks into warriors, while a re-heated old rivalry will pit the good guys against truly bad guys: White Ninjas in combat with black Ninjas. A classic martial arts spoof!.
  SKU 5961
Kill, click. Kill, click. There's a nasty murderer lurking in the dark. And he's got a negative attitude. Armed with an ax, a knife, a bullet and the glassy eye of his camera.
  SKU 5966
Smile Now Cry Later
Cry later
This is the story of two brothers surviving in the Bario. Marcus has vowed to clean up his act, while Smiley is risking his life for the fast money. They brothers learn that what goes around comes around.. Smile Now, Cry Later.
  SKU 6071
Jack Movez
Jack movez
The Ybarra brothers are jammed deep in debt, so they hire someone to stage a phony robbery at their jewelry store to collect on the insurance. Things heat up when the original diamond jackers want to find out who the copy-cat robbers are.
  SKU 6076
Busta Rhymes: Everything Remains Raw
Busta rhymes everything remains raw
Multi-platinum recording artist Busta Rhymes is known as one of the most outspoken and influential rap artists in the industry today. The concert features compelling ragga-influenced delivery to good effect with Busta's hits and classics.
  SKU 67819
Reefer Madness
Reefer madness
Present in color for the first time and beautifully restored, this cult favorite is the quintessential classic! See what happens when innocent teens partake of the demon weed only to find that one puff plunges them into a web of murder, sex..
  SKU 67894
Sherlock Holmes: Woman in Green
Sherlock holmes
In color and restored, Sherlock Holmes follows a mysterious and beautiful woman into the nefarious world of blackmail and hypnotism. When four women are murdered..
  SKU 67910
Samurai: The Last Warrior
Samurai last
For over two thousand years, the way of the Samurai was the law of the land for the kingdom of Japan. These valiant warriors lived their lives by a code of honor..
  SKU 67930
Hopalong Cassidy - Trail Dust
Trail dust
Hoppy, mindful of the famine threatening the country, persuades other ranchers to combine their herds and offer them at a fair price to a relief committee sent to buy cattle to feed a starving population.
  SKU 84725
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