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Across America: Anything for Across America
Across America Anything for Across America
A look back through 2003 at how hosts Ron Kruck and Kandace Krueger will do Anything for Across America.
  SKU 21339
Price : $9.95
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Across America: Anything for Across America
Across america anything
A look back through 2003 at how hosts Ron Kruck and Kandace Krueger will do Anything for Across America.
  SKU 21339
Across America: Paintball
Across paintball
Across America dodges paintballs at the 7th annual Cal Jam Tournament in California. Co-host Kandace Krueger shops for the perfect margarita, and 25,000 Harley fans caravan for Love Ride 20.
  SKU 21343
Across America: DJ Scratch School
Across america
Ron Kruck goes to NY City and attends DJ scratch school. Then join fans of anime at Anime USA 5 in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.
  SKU 21345
Across America: Fish Tailing
Across america
On Across America this week, music as both a performance art and a healing one. Also, why fishtailing on icy roads can be a good thing.
  SKU 21347
Across America: Revving Up Your Weekend
Across america revving
Across America has tips for revving up your weekend-from a dog. And Co-host Kandace Krueger finds all kinds of creative ways to get rid of your leftover holiday fruitcake.
  SKU 21362
Guitar Care and Maintenance
Guitar care
The Guitar Services Workshop Series presents John LeVan's Guitar Care & Maintenance instructional video. This step-by-step informative video makes caring for your fretted instrument a joy.
  SKU 21449
Gaza: The Killing Zone
Gaza killing
We bring you a harrowing documentary about life in Gaza, the deaths of internationals and the suffering of Palestinian children.
  SKU 21599
The Devil's Footpath
The footpath
Why is so much of Africa in chaos? It's brimming full of diamonds, oil and natural resources other countries can only dream of. But educated young Africans are leaving in droves.
  SKU 21602
Waiting For Godot At De Gaulle
Waiting godot
This is the Kafkaesque tale of how one man's loss of identity papers resulted in him being stranded at Charles de Gaulle airport for fifteen years.
  SKU 21608
Without My Daughter
Without daughter
A decade ago, a Hollywood film called 'Not Without My Daughter' was released, based on the best-selling book by American housewife Betty Mahmoody.
  SKU 21611
Murda Muzik
Murda muzik
A rapper from the Housing Projects in New York, signs a multi-million dollar record deal yet finds it hard to stay away from the street life of his past.
  SKU 21626
Through the Years of Hip Hop: Vol 1
Through years hip
Some of the greatest Hip Hop videos from its inception to the present in an inspiring musical. RUN DMC, QUEEN LATIFAH, ROB BASE & DJ E-Z ROCK and more..exploration.
  SKU 21629
Charlotte Sometimes
Charlotte sometimes
A triangle of friendship, love and deception tangles the lives of a reclusive auto mechanic and the two women in his life.
  SKU 22135
Falling Like This
Falling like
Two teens struggling with life and lovean unforgettable portrait of the union of a good girl and a bad boy. The young cast turn in starmaking performances and the soundtrack by Ani DiFranco rounds out a very special film.
  SKU 22440
Raising Hell
Raising hell
When politics lead to deadly corruption.
  SKU 230179
The Seekers
The seekers
How far will you go when your life is at stake?.
  SKU 230181
Holy Terror
Holy terror
Sometimes even your beliefs can not save you.
  SKU 230185
He'll stop at nothing, and make sure you'll never see him again!.
  SKU 230187
Kitty Killers
Kitty killers
Aviloent journey toward morbid enlightenment..
  SKU 230189
Terror House
Terror house
Behind every door is pure hell.
  SKU 230191
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