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7 More days in the Tank with Blue at the Zoo
7 More days in the Tank with Blue at the Zoo
In 7 More Days in the Tank Last Comic Standing 4 winner Josh Blue tells stories about his life and times living in our society with Cerebral Palsy. He jokes about his family, his childhood..
  SKU 139978
7 More days in the Tank with Blue at the Zoo
7 More days in the Tank with Blue at the Zoo
In 7 More Days in the Tank Last Comic Standing 4 winner Josh Blue tells stories about his life and times living in our society with Cerebral Palsy. He jokes about his family, his childhood..
  SKU 139979
Across America: A Special New Year's Eve Show
Across America A Special New Year 039 s Eve Show
A special New Year's Eve show, as we revisit The People of Across America, 2003.
  SKU 21337
Across America: Albuquerque Balloon Festival
Across America Albuquerque Balloon Festival
Across America takes to the sky for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Then we're back to earth sort of to take in the local color of Venice Beach, California.
  SKU 27285
Across America: Anything for Across America
Across America Anything for Across America
A look back through 2003 at how hosts Ron Kruck and Kandace Krueger will do Anything for Across America.
  SKU 21339
Across America: Boulder, Colorado
Across America Boulder Colorado
Join HDNet and host Ron Kruck as they travel to unique towns Across America. First step on this series of road trips is Boulder, CO. Learn why the locals call Boulder little town nestled between mountains and reality!.
  SKU 16883
Across America: Bungee Jumping
Across America Bungee Jumping
You've heard of car clubs for Maserati, jaguar, Porsche owners. Across America joins a Hearse Club for a cemetery tour in Denver. Then host Ron Kruck takes a leap (or doesn't he?) bungee jumping in Las Vegas.
  SKU 27295
Across America: Cop Comedian, Sheep Dog Trial
Across America Cop Comedian Sheep Dog Trial
Cop by day, comic by night-a New Yorker takes the stage when he's off the clock. Also, some of Oregon's best shopping, and high drama at the Meeker, Colorado Sheepdog Trials.
  SKU 27289
Across America: Desert Racing
Across America Desert Racing
Across America tracks a new way to win in Las Vegas: Desert Racing. Then power shopping inside the DC beltway. And tourists flock to a dry county in search of Tennessee whiskey.
  SKU 27283
Across America: DJ Scratch School
Across America DJ Scratch School
Ron Kruck goes to NY City and attends DJ scratch school. Then join fans of anime at Anime USA 5 in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.
  SKU 21345
Across America: Fish Tailing
Across America Fish Tailing
On Across America this week, music as both a performance art and a healing one. Also, why fishtailing on icy roads can be a good thing.
  SKU 21347
Across America: Fox Hunting
Across America Fox Hunting
Host Ron Kruck dons breeches and a hunting jacket to join in the century-old tradition of fox hunting in Lexington, Kentucky.
  SKU 27291
Across America: Gleason's Gym
Across America Gleason 039 s Gym
Times have changed for the world's oldest gym. In the ring where the Raging Bull got his start, now teachers, doctors and accountants are putting on the gloves!.
  SKU 27293
Across America: Models
Across America Models
Models know that time is running out on their careers..Sabrina will do most anything to stay on top..Branden is a rookie in New York, a devout Christian, with a body to kill for. His limits are reached when he's asked to pose with naked women.
  SKU 17563
Across America: Nature's Treasure
Across America Nature 039 s Treasure
Artists, collectors and spectacular bronze sculptures transform the town of Loveland, Colorado each year, during the annual Bronze Show. And an old currency takes on a new look-the $20-bill gets a facelift.
  SKU 27297
Across America: Paintball
Across America Paintball
Across America dodges paintballs at the 7th annual Cal Jam Tournament in California. Co-host Kandace Krueger shops for the perfect margarita, and 25,000 Harley fans caravan for Love Ride 20.
  SKU 21343
Across America: Pennsic War
Across America Pennsic War
Across America goes back to medieval times for Pennsic War 32. Over ten thousand people gather in rural Pennsylvania, dress up in full amour and beat each other up in full contact battles.
  SKU 17431
Across America: People of Las Vegas
Across America People of Las Vegas
Can every day people live normal lives in the city of sin? Across America profiles several Las Vegas residents: a showgirl, a full-time gambler and a casino cocktail waitress living and working in this abnormal city.
  SKU 19583
Across America: Revving Up Your Weekend
Across America Revving Up Your Weekend
Across America has tips for revving up your weekend-from a dog. And Co-host Kandace Krueger finds all kinds of creative ways to get rid of your leftover holiday fruitcake.
  SKU 21362
Across America: Sturgis
Across America Sturgis
See what happens when half a million Harley Davidson riders take over a small town in South Dakota, at the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Needless to say, it was one big party.
  SKU 17429
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