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Absolute Beginners: Guitar
Absolute Beginners Guitar
This easy to follow guitar video tutor will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track!.
  SKU 259510
Price : $1.99
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Absolute Beginners: Guitar
Absolute beginners
This easy to follow guitar video tutor will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track!.
  SKU 259510
Absolute Beginners: Keyboard
Absolute beginners
This easy to follow keyboard tutor will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track!.
  SKU 259511
Acoustic Blues Guitar
Acoustic blues
If you know how to hold the more common chords you know enough to play Acoustic Blues. Written and presented by Mel Reeves this programme demonstrates the various techniques required to play fingerstyle blues.
  SKU 259512
Acoustic Fingerstyles
Acoustic fingerstyles
If you can play basic chords you know enough to begin playing fingerstyles. This programme looks at the basic techniques required to develop fingerstyle skills. There are five major instrumental studies to work through.
  SKU 259513
Complete Acoustic Guitar
Complete acoustic
Whether you only know a few chords or are already proficient, this east to follow programme will show you all of the main guitar styles. As performed on the acoustic guitar.
  SKU 259514
Complete Electric Guitar
Electric guitar
Using one simple chord sequence Mel Reeves shows how to create authentic solos and thythm parts in any style. Using the latest computer graphics, clearly explained examples - played at half speed.
  SKU 259515
Peavey Presents Play It All On Acoustic Guitar
Peavey presents
This is the most comprehensive Acoustic Guitar Method ever devloped for beginners. Over 100 minutes of ono-on-one lessons with world renowned Instructor/Musican John McCarthy.
  SKU 259520
Peavey Presents Play It All On Bass Guitar
Peavey presents play
This is the most comprehensive Bass Guitar Method ever developed for beginners. Renowned Bassist and Instructor Chris McCarvill will guide you at your own pace through more then 60 minutes of one-on-one lessons.
  SKU 259521
Peavey Presents Play It All On Electric Guitar
Peavey presents play
This is the most comprehensive Electric Guitar program ever developed for beginners. Renowned guitarist and Instructor John McCarthy will guide you step-by-step through more than 100 minutes of one-on-one lessons.
  SKU 259522
Play Bass Guitar Now!
Bass guitar
From beginner to band - all you need is a bass guitar, some enthusiasm and this video. Now you can learn the basics - and beyond - in one simple but exciting programme.
  SKU 259523
Play Blues Now!
Play blues
At Last! A complete guide to blues guitar playing that shows a variety of blues rhythm & soloing styles - for both beginners and advanced players alike.
  SKU 259524
Play Drums Now!
Play drums
Renowned UK drum teacher Toni Cannelli gives a 90 minute step by step lesson. Covering: Hand technique, reading rhythm, foot technique, playing and reading 4-4 drum beats,.
  SKU 259525
Play Guitar Now! Acoustic and Electric
Play guitar now acoustic electric
At last! An easy to follow video lesson to take you from the basics to a full rock solo. It is not necessary to be able to read music to learn from this video. The guitar studio method has launched thousands of guitarist.
  SKU 259526
Play Heavy Metal Now!
Metal now
This video could be titled how to cheat at heavy rock guitar. It gets to the heart of the basic skills - both rhythm and lead needed to play modern metal.
  SKU 259527
Play Jazz Guitar Now!
Play jazz
At Last! Mel Reeves - the country's leading writer and presenter of muisc tuition videos - has turned his attnetion to the world of jazz guitar. Whether you are a true jazz fan or simply want to add a little jazz to your amoury of guitar styles.
  SKU 259528
Play Keyboards Now!
Play keyboards now
Now you can learn the basics and beyond with these two simple but exciting programmes that gets to heart of modern keyboard playing.
  SKU 259529
Rock House: Advanced Metal
Rock house
The most advanced lead techniques metal guitar has ever seen! Learn how to fly around the neck like a pro!.
  SKU 259530
Rock House: Blues Riffs, Rhythms & Secrets
Blues riffs
This program teaches all the techniques needed to play the Blues from rhythms to leads. Topics include Blues and pentatonic scales, techniques like vibrato, bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  SKU 259531
Rock House: Guitar for Girls Start Playing With Alex Bach
Rock house guitar girls
The complete guide has been specially designed to give you all the tools you need to begin really playing acoustic or electric guitar. Starting out with an easy-to-follow look at the basics, you will get a chance to explore all aspects of guitar playing.
  SKU 259532
Rock House: Hands Of Steel
Hands steel
This program contains routines designed to develop the strength and coordination of your hands for optimum playing ability.
  SKU 259533
Rock House: How To Mic A Band For Ultimate Live Sound
Rock house how mic
Learn about: Room acoustic variations, setting up a final mix, effects - usage and descriptions, compressors and gates, complete mixer explanation and types of PA systems and microphones.
  SKU 259534
Rock House: Learn Rock Acoustic Level 1
Rock house learn
This program is designed for someone with little or no experience. It begins at the roots with an easy to follow look at basic chords, scales, finger picking and strum patterns.
  SKU 259535
Rock House: Learn Rock Bass Level 1
Rock house
Beginning with the BASSics, the program starts you at the roots of rock and quickly has you playing essential techniques such as scales, octaves, alternating & muting and more! Learn key components of the blues, timing.
  SKU 259536
Rock House: Learn Rock Bass Level 2
Rock house
With more challenging techniques like slap and pop, arpeggios, advanced scales and finger rudiments, the program will help you develop and create your own Bass style! The Complete drum and guitar backing tracks will prepare you to play in your own band.
  SKU 259537
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