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Liocracy - Episode 01 - Size Matters: The Friendly Giant Story
Liocracy Episode 01 Size Matters The Friendly Giant Story
The pre-dawn children's entertainer who pioneered violent television for preschoolers.
  SKU 8765
Liocracy - Episode 02 - Soft Focus: The Rachel Lange Story
Liocracy Episode 02 Soft Focus The Rachel Lange Story
Rachel Lange is a classic soap diva whose success is tinged with tragedy and fraught with hyperbole.
  SKU 8769
Liocracy - Episode 03 - Writer Gone Wrong: The Anne Surly Story
Liocracy Episode 03 Writer Gone Wrong The Anne Surly Story
Mischievous moppet and syrupy diarist Anne Surly is revealed to be a murderous sociopath.
  SKU 9507
Liocracy - Episode 04 - Cold as Ice Cream: The Johnnie Godda Story
Liocracy Episode 04 Cold as Ice Cream The Johnnie Godda Story
Ice cream industry kingpin renowned for his cold-blooded ruthlessness and silky Italian suits.
  SKU 9503
Liocracy - Episode 05 - Hair Gel: The Boyz 'R Us Story
Liocracy Episode 05 Hair Gel The Boyz 039 R Us Story
Four famously talentless boys propelled by fate to lip sync and wiggle together.
  SKU 9511
Liocracy - Episode 06 - Playing for Peanuts: The Joe "Pigskin" MacLaren Story
Liocracy Episode 06 Playing for Peanuts The Joe quot Pigskin quot MacLaren Story
Star Canadian football player who delivered pizza between plays to make ends meet, before breaking into the American league.
  SKU 9515
Liocracy - Episode 07 - Pale Rapper: The Nummy Nom Story
Liocracy Episode 07 Pale Rapper The Nummy Nom Story
Nummy is living proof that rap stars who have nothing to say, sing about themselves.
  SKU 9519
Liocracy - Episode 08 - Believe in You: The Dale Throbbins Story
Liocracy Episode 08 Believe in You The Dale Throbbins Story
Tall, handsome self-help guru who promises people they can be perfect without effort.
  SKU 9523
Liocracy - Episode 09 - Pimple Power: The Bobby Shuebanks Story
Liocracy Episode 09 Pimple Power The Bobby Shuebanks Story
Internet whiz kid who would rather be skateboarding somewhere his parents are not.
  SKU 9527
Liocracy - Episode 10 - Where Am I? The Koo Cupcake Story
Liocracy Episode 10 Where Am I The Koo Cupcake Story
Fabulously famous actress born to act and bred for multiple drug addictions.
  SKU 9531
Liocracy - Episode 11 - Happy Hour: The Richard Button Story
Liocracy Episode 11 Happy Hour The Richard Button Story
Hard-living, conspicuous loving British actor who worked for the love of liquor.
  SKU 9535
Liocracy - Episode 12 - Screen Siren: The Mary Gishford Story
Liocracy Episode 12 Screen Siren The Mary Gishford Story
Certifiable scandal magnet and proto-Madonna of Hollywood's silent film era.
  SKU 9539
Liocracy - Episode 13 - Blood and Guts: The Simon Duke Story
Liocracy Episode 13 Blood and Guts The Simon Duke Story
Horror novelist whose real-life encounters with lightning turn his talents on and off like a switch.
  SKU 9543
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