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St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 22
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 22
A rather sad circus comes to town. The Strongman comes in looking anything but and the bare-back rider has no horse to ride. Snorer gets the Strongman back in shape and Rocky the Rocking Horse joins the circus.
  SKU 18539
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 23
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 23
Sharkie the Shark has got terrible toothache. Ms Camomile and Nurse Penny rightly point out a broken tooth and tell him they will have it out in no time and with no pain. Sharkie doesn't believe them.
  SKU 18541
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 24
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 24
Cyril the Snake wants legs like everyone else. It's not fair he says, Centipedes have hundreds, he would make do with a pair. Pins and Needles suggest a super snake skateboard.
  SKU 18543
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 25
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 25
Ms Camomile has lost her precious ring. Vanessa Fox is in her element - a great story at last. Vanessa convinces Ms Camomile that someone must have stolen in from the workshop where it was being polished by Pins and Needles.
  SKU 18545
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 26
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 26
An Argentinean doll comes to St Bear's. She isn't poorly but she's desperately looking for a partner to dance the famous Tango with her. There aren't any boy dolls to partner but everyone volunteers to try.
  SKU 18547
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 27
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 27
Everyone is fed up. It's raining outside and there aren't any patients to deal with. Bob suggests a picnic .. he likes rain but nobody else does so they won't go out. So Nurse Penny suggests a picnic inside.
  SKU 18549
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 28
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 28
A dragon who can no longer fly called Roaralot the Great Roarer of Flames' (although everyone calls him Rory) arrives at the hospital a little worse for wear emotionally and physically. He's afraid to fly. Several attempts to help fail abysmally.
  SKU 18551
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 29
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 29
Nurse Penny gets a shock one day when she opens a cupboard and finds Boney the Skeleton. She thinks their medical skills have failed to work on someone .. and today of all days when the inspector is in the hospital.
  SKU 18553
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 31
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 31
It's open day at St Bear's and everyone is going to put on a show for the guests. Everyone is planning to do 'a turn', unfortunately they all seem to want to perform at something they aren't very good at.
  SKU 18557
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 32
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 32
Bob the crash test dummy who just loves flying through the air, leaping through rivers, crashing cars etc, is finally asked to do something he's actually frightened of. He hates small spaces and is dreading a test he has to do climbing into a 'dark.
  SKU 18559
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 33
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 33
Louise the doll comes to St Bear's during Ms Camomile's get fit week. No Candy and lots of exercise for everyone! Louise tries to curry favour with everyone by giving everyone candy. She makes sure Ms Camomile doesn't see.
  SKU 18561
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 34
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 34
Coco the ultra shy cuckoo clock is brought into St Bears. The Professor tries a few of his dreadful magic tricks to lure her out. Bob tries some death defying stunts. Eventually she pops out and frightens Snorer so much he barks.
  SKU 18563
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 35
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 35
Penny is feeling unloved and undervalued. She thinks nobody appreciates her. She decides she must work even harder and be even more useful to everyone at St Bear's. She decides to become a Doctor and tries far too hard to be like Professor.
  SKU 18565
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 36
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 36
TE the alien gets lost during his travels and lands his space craft outside St Bear's, whilst TE causes mayhem searching for his little 'friend' Blinkie. Pins and Needles accidentally wreck his ship.
  SKU 18567
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 37
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 37
A dinosaur comes to St Bear's and is deeply upset when he thinks he is the last dinosaur on earth, because Professor Teddy unwittingly explains that dinosaurs are extinct. He saves the day however, with the help of Pins and Needles.
  SKU 18569
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 38
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 38
Rocky the Rocking Horse is very sad, the little boy who owns him is now only interested in cowboys and doesn't want to play with Rocky. Pins and Needles try to cheer him up by dressing him up as a knight of old's charger.
  SKU 18571
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 39
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 39
How do you know when it's raining cats and dogs? asks Bernard the laughing Hyena. You step in a poodle. Bernard howls with laughter and so does everyone at St Bear's Dolls Hospital. They're delighted Bernard turned up ..
  SKU 18573
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 40
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 40
There seems to be a lot of whispering going on at St Bear's Dolls Hospital and Professor Teddy Stitching for one doesn't like it! What's going on? The Professor tries to find out but no one seems willing to tell him.
  SKU 18575
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 41
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 41
Mole is fed up of not being able to see clearly. His life would be so much better if he could. The staff try telescopes, binoculars etc to no avail. Finally he gets a pair of glasses which allow him to see clearly.
  SKU 18577
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 42
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 42
Snorer doesn't want to go to his annual police dog reunion because he's embarrassed he can't bark. Pins and Needles come to the rescue with a barking machine. It barks loudly at the press of a button hidden in Snorer's hand.
  SKU 18579
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