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St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 01
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 01
Outside St Bear's Dolls Hospital the rain is lashing down. Thunder and lightening add to the spooky atmosphere. Then the lights go out. Candles are lit which throw strange shadows on the wall.
  SKU 18496
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 02
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 02
A forgetful elephant who has lost his memory is brought into the hospital. He can't even remember that he is an elephant. First he thinks he is a rabbit and causes mayhem by bouncing round the hospital. Then he thinks he's a lion,.
  SKU 18498
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 03
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 03
A lovely soft musical train has been train spotting. Other trains are sleek and fast and shiny. He has no wheels, is soft and his whistle isn't very good. As usual Nurse Penny communicates with the patient and interprets his whistles.
  SKU 18500
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 04
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 04
An Easter Bunny comes to St Bear's suffering from boredom. Professor Teddy doesn't think this is a job for a hospital at all - Send him to a theme park, suggests The Professor. Pins and Needles explain what an Easter Bunny is.
  SKU 18502
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 05
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 05
A little toy soldier can't march. The Professor suspects he's suffering from Ooey Gooey of the legs. He isn't, of course. Much scrubbing and much pulling in the form of a tug of war all fail to solve the problem.
  SKU 18504
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 06
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 06
A storm rages outside St Bear's. Inside everyone is on edge and rowing with each other. Pins and Needles aren't talking to each other, Penny is upset with Ms Camomile, even Snorer and Professor Teddy have had a row over a marbles game.
  SKU 18506
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 07
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 07
Vanessa Fox is about to launch St Bear's TV but she's lost her voice. The patients and staff of St Bear's audition to take her place, with hilarious results. Ms Camomile's talk on Sir Ince Forceps, founder of St Bear's, is like watching paint dry.
  SKU 18508
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 08
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 08
Ms Camomile has told Professor Teddy Stitching that he is not going to the carousel races and that he must stay and help out at St Bear's. The Professor decides to hold his own race meeting. With the help of Pins and Needles, a clockwork.
  SKU 18510
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 09
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 09
An inflatable crocodile is admitted to St Bear's. He's feeling rather flat and that makes him very bad tempered and snappy. They undertake the dangerous mission of checking him over. Bob falls on the crocodile.
  SKU 18512
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 11
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 11
A toy parrot comes to the hospital. It has beautiful plumage but it needs a little smartening up. No problem. But the parrot causes mayhem by repeating everything everyone says. But he never gets it quite right and everyone ends up falling.
  SKU 18516
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 12
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 12
Ms Camomile tells everyone her sister is coming to visit. Unfortunately she forgets to tell them that her sister is an identical twin! As you can guess mayhem ensues, especially as we soon discover that Ms Camomile's sister is not like Ms.
  SKU 18518
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 13
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 13
A whole group of frogs arrive at St Bear's. They are all happily jumping away except one sad frog who can't jump at all. They try frightening him, building him a box with a spring, itching powder and even jumping beans.
  SKU 18521
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 14
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 14
A Dalmatian puppy spreads panic in the hospital when Vanessa Fox and Snorer think it has the dreaded back spot disease. Blueberry jam on Bob is mistaken for the disease spreading. The patients are put in isolation whilst a solution is devised.
  SKU 18523
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 15
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 15
A space man parachutes down to earth with a bump. He doesn't like heights anymore and doesn't want to be a spaceman. Bob bravely volunteers to go on the spaceman's next mission for him.
  SKU 18525
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 16
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 16
A little doll is admitted to St Bear's. She has not been made very well. Her hair is on a permanent bad hair day, her arms are wobbly and her one eye won't open at all. Nobody wants her. A St Bear's make over soon has her looking wonderful.
  SKU 18527
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 17
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 17
A music loving war toy comes to St Bear's. He hates his laser arms so he's taken them off. Now he needs some new ones. Pins and Needles, Ms Camomile and Professor Teddy ably abetted by Bob make all sorts of arms for the toy.
  SKU 18529
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 18
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 18
It's Jack's birthday. Everyone is determined he's going to have a good time. Ms Camomile kindly orders a magician to come and do lots of magic tricks for everyone at the party. The magician's box of tricks turn up in plenty of time.
  SKU 18531
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 19
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 19
A toy frog and his beautiful frog lady friend turn up at St Bear's. The frog is convinced that he's actually a Prince and only needs a kiss from a real Princess to turn into a Prince. Despite St Bear's staff members best efforts he won't be.
  SKU 18533
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 20
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 20
A little Dutch doll comes to St Bear's Dolls Hospital. She is very sad as she hasn't any clogs and can't dance her clog dance. Professor Teddy Stitching's golf shoes have her slipping all over the place in a mad Riverdance style dance.
  SKU 18535
St. Bear's Hospital - Episode 21
St Bear 039 s Hospital Episode 21
St Bear's wins the coveted Toy Hospital of the Year award. Everyone is delighted until Leo De Lion issues the awards and gets everyone's job titles mixed up. Afraid of upsetting things, the staff at St Bear's decide they'd better carry on.
  SKU 18537
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