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Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 101
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 101
The Maillard Reaction A low-fat tomato sauce with half the calories of the classic and a quick, simple dinner with chicken, spinach and pasta noodles.
  SKU 17103
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 102
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 102
Meat in the Minor Key See how meat can be a part of a low-fat diet with Beef in Red Wine Stew, Steak and Pilaf and London Broil.
  SKU 17107
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 103
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 103
103 Whole Grains as Extenders Fabulous and easy, low-fat Chicken Pilaf and Quinoa and Beef Conquistador will bring delicious whole grain eating into your life.
  SKU 17111
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 104
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 104
Rice and Cheese Crusts Chewy and cheesy, Graham shows how to use this irresistible low-fat crust in a hearty potato quiche and savory seafood pie.
  SKU 17115
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 105
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 105
Egg Substitutes Graham demonstrates the basic techniques of using egg substitutes in breakfast dishes like McKerr Muffins and scrambled eggs.
  SKU 17119
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 106
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 106
Fig Crusts A sweet, chewy dessert that Graham uses to make two kinds of cheesecakes with less than a third of the fat of the classic recipes.
  SKU 17123
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 108
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 108
Sweet and Savory Toppings The creamy delicious low-fat topping for many desserts used here by Graham in a melt-in-your-mouth Pear Fondue.
  SKU 17131
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 109
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 109
Stocks Graham shows how easy it is to make these basic and flavor-rich liquids for the basis of innumerable low-fat sauces, soups and casseroles.
  SKU 17135
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 110
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 110
Risotto All the creamy comfort of the classic rice dish with a quarter of the calories, Graham shows how to make both savory veal and a vegetable risotto.
  SKU 17139
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 111
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 111
Cocoa All the delightful taste of chocolate with almost no fat or calories, see how to use cocoa in a rich sauce and terrific chocolate waffles.
  SKU 17143
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 112
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 112
112 Roast Gravies Rich, comforting sauces without the fat and calories, Graham features a Minimax Roast Chicken and Roast Lamb with potatoes and vegetables.
  SKU 17147
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 113
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 113
Muffins Surprisingly high in fat, Graham demonstrates three Minimax recipes that make muffins a healthy and satisfying breakfast treat.
  SKU 17151
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 114
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 114
Reductions Graham shows how simply boiling liquids down to their flavorful essence can be the basis for irresistible low-fat sauces for chicken and pasta.
  SKU 17155
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 116
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 116
Stack 'n Steam Graham's unique method of stacking layers of steaming vegetables and herbs, even fish, makes low-fat cooking quick, easy and great tasting.
  SKU 17163
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 117
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 117
Starch Sauces Pure starches replace a classic roux to thicken the sauce of a tasty stir-fry and an easy vegetable dish.
  SKU 17167
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 118
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 118
Wheat Germ Crusts Graham uses margarine and wheat germ to create a delicious and healthy crust for a beautiful baked salmon pie.
  SKU 17171
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 119
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 119
White Sauces Creamy white sauce is one of the most popular, and fatty! Graham's healthy version is displayed in a creamy Pasta Primavera.
  SKU 17175
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 120
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 120
De-alcoholized Wines All of the flavor and aroma for cooking without the potential risk. Graham showcases this ingredient in a family favorite, braised pork chops.
  SKU 17179
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 121
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 121
Perfumes of the Palate Bring the heady aroma of freshly ground spices to your low-fat cooking demonstrated here by Graham in a riche apple custard dessert.
  SKU 17183
Graham Kerr's Kitchen - Episode 122
Graham Kerr 039 s Kitchen Episode 122
Smoke in a Pot An ideal low-fat technique for cooking poultry and fish, Graham shows how common tea and spices easily smoke meat in a pot.
  SKU 17187
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