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Because of Winn-Dixie
Because of Winn Dixie
Based on the perennial best seller, BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE tells the story of a lonely young girl who adopts an orphaned dog she names Winn-Dixie.
  SKU 16520
Price : $2.99
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Because of Winn-Dixie
Because winn dixie
Based on the perennial best seller, BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE tells the story of a lonely young girl who adopts an orphaned dog she names Winn-Dixie.
  SKU 16520
Hide and Seek
Hide seek
For Emily (FANNING), her games of Hide-and-Seek with an imaginary friend have become anything but simple and innocent. Instead she finds herself in the middle of a series of nightmarish acts that even her father (DE NIRO) cannot stop.
  SKU 17674
Fever Pitch
Fever pitch
A contemporary romantic comedy about a successful woman who thinks she's finally met the perfect guy. Everything seems ideal until baseball season begins, and she has to compete with his first true love: the Boston Red Sox.
  SKU 17818
A timeless, comedic tale that pushes the boundaries of animation while introducing characters rich with physical humor and soul, and a heart-warming story that proves that a robot can shine no matter what he or she is made of.
  SKU 17822
Kingdom Of Heaven
Kingdom heaven
ORLANDO BLOOM stars as Balian, a blacksmith who has lost his family and nearly lost his faith. The religious wars raging in the far-off Holy Land seem remote to him, yet he is pulled into that immense drama.
  SKU 18229
Starting anew after the death of their mother, 9-year-old Anthony is ever practical, while his 7-year-old brother Damian uses imagination, fantasy, and faith to make sense of his confusing world.
  SKU 21044
Fantastic Four
Fantastic four
Astronauts. Superheroes. Celebrities. To the world, they are the Fantastic Four. To each other, they are a family.
  SKU 22448
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mrs smith
The Smith's have an ordinar, lifeless suburban marriage. But each is hiding something the other would kill to know: Mr. and Mrs. Smith are actually highly paid, incredibly efficient assassins, and they work for competing organizations.
  SKU 22452
Roll Bounce
Roll bounce
When their local roller-skating rink closes down, a group of teenagers from the south side of Chicago enter the roller skating contest at a ritzy rink on the north side.
  SKU 22456
After a humiliating public meltdown, an acclaimed college basketball coach is forced to take a job coaching a hapless junior high school team.
  SKU 23520
Transporter 2
An ex-elite commando, Frank Martin, has retired to Miami and become a driver for a wealthy family with a young boy, but when the kid is kidnapped, Martin defies the FBI to get the boy back safely and thwart the kidnappers.
  SKU 23524
Alien Vs. Predator
Alien predator
An expedition of archaeologists on Earth discover an Aztec temple housing a host of Alien creatures. A group of five Predators have also come. A battle for domination of the Earth ensues..and humans are sure to be the losers.
  SKU 239532
Antwone Fisher
Antwone fisher
A sailor with an explosive attitude, with the help of a Navy psychiatrist, finds the courage to stop fighting..and start healing.
  SKU 239533
Broken Lizard's Club Dread
Club dread
A group of sex crazed staffers at a Club Med-style retreat on a tropical island are stalked by a machete-wielding killer.
  SKU 239534
Catch That Kid
Catch kid
A 12-year old girl, with the help of two friends, robs a state-of-the-art bank in order to acquire the cash needed for a costly operation to save her ailing father.
  SKU 239535
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