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Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 08 - Everyone Goes Mad
Solitary Season 01 Episode 08 Everyone Goes Mad
After days without human contact, a test forces Val's guests to begin raving like mad men. Then they face off in a grueling battle of physical endurance that isn't over until someone collapses.
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Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 08 - Everyone Goes Mad
Goes mad
After days without human contact, a test forces Val's guests to begin raving like mad men. Then they face off in a grueling battle of physical endurance that isn't over until someone collapses.
  SKU 231861
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 07 - Val Turns Up The Heat
Solitary season episode val turns heat
The final four guests enter their own personal mansions of fear, and discover their inner demons. Then Val turns it up a notch with a fiery experiment that tests each person's threshold for pain.
  SKU 231863
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 06 - Headspin/Tailspin
Solitary season episode
The grand experiment continues as Val makes her guests' heads spin. First, the contestants lose their marbles in a maddening test of concentration, and then they lose their equilibrium in the most turbulent treatment yet. All are pushed to the very b.
  SKU 231865
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 05 - Brainwashing
Episode brainwashing
Six remaining guests are told that everything they know is wrong as Val attempts to reprogram their minds. They engage in a battle of wills until someone cracks and leaves Solitary in the most surprising ending yet.
  SKU 231867
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 04 - To Eat or Not To Eat
Episode eat
Val's 7 remaining guests ride a vicious culinary rollercoaster. After days of near-starvation, they are forced to continue eating until at least one of them literally explodes.
  SKU 231869
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 03 - Bed of Nails
Solitary season episode
Eight contestants continue on a grueling physical and psychological journey. They must use their wits to solve a mind-bending puzzle embedded in a horror film and then withstand endless hours lying on a torture table until one of them crumbles.
  SKU 231871
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 02 - The Experiment Begins
Experiment begins
Nine guests enter Solitary and begin their new life of isolation. Their only contact with the outside world is a female computer, Val. They compete in a psychological game that tests their kindness or cruelty. Ultimately, a macabre sleep deprivation.
  SKU 231873
Solitary - Season 01 - Episode 01 - Road To Solitary
Road solitary
The people behind Solitary take viewers on a behind-the-scenes look into the show's origins and pre-production. The audience also gets a sneak peak into the coming tests, treatments, and tantrums that await the nine future pod people.
  SKU 231875
The Academy - Season 01 - Episode 05 - Heart Stopping Action
Season episode
Drama at the academy is at an all time high as two recruits have a heated dispute at the shooting range, while another recruit has a life-threatening issue during defensive tactics and is rushed to the hospital.
  SKU 240222
The Academy - Season 01 - Episode 04 - Hell is Coming to Breakfast
The academy
It's week three as one recruit defies direct orders and goes to Mexico over a weekend, which resulted in a physical altercation with a local gang.
  SKU 240224
The Academy - Season 01 - Episode 03 - My O'Miley
Episode o miley
It's week two and Recruit Class 355 is already showing signs of weakness. Deputy Miley decides the class doesn't have what it takes, so he makes himself the class sergeant and the recruits pay dearly for their inability to work together.
  SKU 240226
The Academy - Season 01 - Episode 02 - Tighten Your Bootstraps
The academy
It's half way through the first week of the academy and Class 355 is about to learn that Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous counties in the country as they get their first introduction to defensive tactics.
  SKU 240228
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