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WC: Bandana Swanging-All That Glitters Ain't Gold
WC Bandana Swanging All That Glitters Ain't Gold
See the reality of the rap game with Westside rap pioneer WC, with a mix of home movies chronicling his career starting in 1989 on tour with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dog of the Up in Smoke Tour.
  SKU 259346
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WC: Bandana Swanging-All That Glitters Ain't Gold
Glitters ain
See the reality of the rap game with Westside rap pioneer WC, with a mix of home movies chronicling his career starting in 1989 on tour with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dog of the Up in Smoke Tour.
  SKU 259346
Who Slew Simon Thaddeus Mulberry Pew?
Simon thaddeus
In this twisted fairy tale, two bratty kids try to dispose of their neighbor# with unexpected results.
  SKU 259347
Bobbito's Basics To Boogie
Basics boogie
Put your game face on, and start dribbling! Learn the fundamentals and freak moves of the playground, including legal moves like the stiff leg that won't get a ref's whistle. Improve your ball control, confidence and coordination.
  SKU 259360
Brooklyn Bound
Brooklyn bound
East New York kid Sean has dealt drugs for as long as he can remember. It's the only way to pay his mother's medical bills and keep brother off the streets..but with his buddy's dept on his head and his mom growing sicker by the day..
  SKU 259409
La Lucha!
Lucha Libre tears up the screen in the eye-popping film La Lucha: The Struggle. You'll be mesmerized as tattooed youths in flashy masks dramatically re-enact the battle for good and evil;.
  SKU 259410
Letter To The President
Letter president
While the glamorous 1980s continued for much of America, rappers made it a point to tell the world there was another section of the country that wasn't invited to the part.As the urban landscape became the point of no return.
  SKU 259411
E s
The producers of the raw and uncensored Def Comedy Jam and Tony Award winning Def Poetry Jam in association with F.E.D.S. magazine now take millions of hip hop fans to the birthplace of the multibillion dollar rap industry..The Streets.
  SKU 259572
History Makers: Talking Courage (Russell Simmons)
Courage russell simmons
The HistoryMakers: Courage is a revolutionary program comprised of the personal stories of African-American icons that embody the meaning of the word courage. Viewers will be inspired by never-before-seen firsthand interviews..
  SKU 259573
History Makers: Talking Faith (Russell Simmons)
History makers talking faith russell simmons
The HistoryMakers: Faith is the first of its kind of program in which famous and celebrated African-American high achievers attribute their enormous secular accomplishments to their deep and abiding faith in the enduring and ever-lasting grace..
  SKU 259574
History Makers: Talking Success (Russell Simmions)
Success russell simmions
The HistoryMakers: Success is the most comprehensive collection of firsthand accounts and and archival footage of contemporary African-American high achievers ever produced.
  SKU 259575
The Industry is a highly entertaining and revealing documentary that goes beyond the surface of the music buisness to examine the inner world of the industry and the true politics behind getting an album made.
  SKU 259576
Is There Sex After Death?
Sex after
Inside the walls of the Bureau of Sexological Investigation, Dr. Rogers has become a man with a mission. Exploring the wilds of New York City in his Sexmobile, the good doctor aiims to uncover the wild, untamed world of modern sex.
  SKU 259577
MC: Why We Do It
Journey into the lives of the most legendary MCs of all time-where they came from, what inspired them, the way they flow and how they fought their way to the top.
  SKU 259578
Todd Rundgren: Live in San Francisco
Todd rundgren live
Recorded in concert at Maritime Hall, San Francisco.
  SKU 259579
Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes
Gilbert gottfried
The outrageous Gilbert Gottfried breaks down the walls of good taste in this hillarious, jaw-dropping DVD, recorded live in New York City.
  SKU 259615
James Brown: Live from the House of Blues
James brown live
The hardest working man in show business brings down the House of Blues with a live concert event in Las Vegas.
  SKU 259699
This musical adaptation of the Studs Terkel book examines the average worker's viewpoint-showing that he or she is anything but average.
  SKU 259700
Bastards of Young
Bastards young
In true DIY spirit, from the basements to the stadiums, bands today are building their own following, one fan-and one friend-at a time. Told by the bands and fans themselves, through live performances, interviews and behind the scenes.
  SKU 259719
Ron White: You Can't Fix Stupid
Fix stupid
Irreverent bad boy Ron White will crack you up with a nonstop stream of hilarious jokes and clever observations. Daily Variety: White's inspired comic mind finds a dozen sources of humor where the average comic would find only one or two.
  SKU 259807
IN SPANISH. In this whimsical tale for children, a little girl finds herself in a strange land where her only hope of getting home lies in the hands of an eclectic group of newfound friends. After chasing her most beloved toy into the garbage pail.
  SKU 259808
Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed
Jamie kennedy unwashed
TV and film star Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, MTV's Blowin' Up) performs his first stand-up concert special, filmed before a sold-out audience at the San Jose Theater.
  SKU 259809
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself
Jeff dunham
As straight man to some of the most hilarious pint-sized partners in show business, Jeff Dunham has become one of the most successful touring comics ever and has amassed legions of loyal fans!.
  SKU 259810
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