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Nilus The Sandman - Episode 01 - Carrotio
Nilus The Sandman Episode 01 Carrotio
It is a battle of wills between eleven-year-old Gus, who has a sweet tooth and detests vegetables, and his mother, who insists he eat them. Later that night, Nilus whisks Gus off to a land ruled by lucious desserts!.
  SKU 10821
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Nilus The Sandman - Episode 01 - Carrotio
Nilus sandman
It is a battle of wills between eleven-year-old Gus, who has a sweet tooth and detests vegetables, and his mother, who insists he eat them. Later that night, Nilus whisks Gus off to a land ruled by lucious desserts!.
  SKU 10821
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 02 - Rockabye Baby
Rockabye baby
There's a new baby in the Crayton family, and she's making 12 year-old Todd's life miserable. His parents spend all their time and energy on Kelly and insist Todd be understanding. Can Nilus teach Todd to take care of his new little sister?.
  SKU 10825
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 03 - Pirates of Pi
Sandman episode
Bored to tears, Rhonda falls asleep in math class and wakes up in NILUS THE SANDMAN'S dream world, awash on a sea of numbers.
  SKU 10829
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 04 - The Bully
Nilus sandman episode bully
Despite his brains, Kevin doesn't have the brawn to match Bull, the football-playing, academically challenged school bully who keeps picking on him. At night, fantasizing about being a comic book hero, he falls asleep..
  SKU 10833
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 05 - King of the Universe
Nilus sandman episode
Jack, aged 12, doesn't need his sister's help with his homework, even though he is failing school badly. In fact he doesn't need anyone's help, he just wants everyone to leave him alone, to play with his beloved dinosaurs.
  SKU 10837
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 06 - Cupid's Bow
Episode cupid
Eleven-year-old Kate isn't really ready to date yet but an upcoming Valentine's dance may force her into it. When two boys invite her to the party, she is in a quandary.
  SKU 10841
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 07 - Chaos Rules
Nilus sandman episode
Spencer is twelve and has big dreams..of making the winning hit in a World Series Baseball championship. What he doesn't dream about is chores.. Then he has a dream about a world with no more orders and no more rules..
  SKU 10845
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 08 - The Day of Living Dangerously
Nilus sandman
Daredevil Danny has been challenged to risk his neck on another hair-raising bike stunt and he never refuses a dare. When he crashes his bike and is knocked out cold, NILUS appears and offers the boy his ultimate dream of adventure.
  SKU 10849
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 09 - Game Over
Nilus sandman
Norman Fingers Callaghan is obsessed with a video game. Trying to beat Karn, the Mindmaster has become his whole world, even if he puts his friendships, hobbies and school grades at risk for it..
  SKU 10853
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 10 - About Face
About face
Amy Campbell is eleven. She loves baseball, but is increasingly fascinated by her big sister Sandra with her gang of friends, who seem to live for the latest fashions and makeup. When she falls asleep, Nilus takes her on an adventure in beauty land!.
  SKU 10857
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 11 - The Music Lesson
Episode music
Eleven-year-old Cynthia is fed up. She just cannot play the latest piece of cello music her teacher has given her, no matter how hard she practices. When Nilus brings to life her bow and music stand, Cynthia begins to learn about patience.
  SKU 10861
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 12 - Next Stop
Nilus sandman episode
Brian is eleven and his world is coming to an end - the family is moving to another city. Brian's parents want him to give away some of his old toys and when Brian meets Nilus and a troupe of toys come alive, he learns how to move forward.
  SKU 10865
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 13 - Not a Happy Camper
Episode not
Eleven-year-old Jenny is not a happy camper. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with girls she has never met before, Jenny isn't fitting in. Can Nilus teach her to give this situation another chance?.
  SKU 10869
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 14 - If Dreams Die
Episode dreams
Bonnie's imagination takes her on a dream adventure through a jungle where it's crocodiles battle against monkeys. The key to everyone's happiness is realizing that the fight will end if they can come to terms with the misunderstanding.
  SKU 10873
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 15 - Shop Til You Drop
Nilus sandman episode
Amy's won a five-hundred-million-dollar shopping spree at the mall. It's a massive spend-a-thon shop-a-mania!!! But after Amy has bought everything in the mall she still has not achieved the happiness she sought.
  SKU 10877
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 16 - Otherwise
Nilus sandman
Near the Gullibles village, there is a world where nothing is as it seems. It is a place in which a fragile, tuxedo-wearing weasel (The Bippin) turns out to be an eccentric hideous monster and fourteen year old hero (David) needs to save the day!.
  SKU 10881
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 17 - Speak Up
Nilus sandman episode speak
Soft-spoken Jenny Bridge finds herself in a Dr. Seuss nightmare world of crazy contraptions used to control the entire universe.
  SKU 10885
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 18 - Loose Change
Loose change
Gangster coins are out on the loose. They've escaped from a wallet and are headed for the good times downtown. Hanging out with money, is a blast for fourteen-year-old Norm,who soon learns the relationship between money and friendship.
  SKU 10889
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 19 - The Joker
Nilus sandman
Willie, the school trickster often has trouble distinguishing between humorous and hurtful. So what happens when he is banished into a dungeon filled with out-of-work comics and jesters?.
  SKU 10893
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 20 - Weedworld
Sandman episode
Weedworld is a desert spy adventure that sees conniving thirsty weeds pitted against dehydrated flowers. In their crucial search for water no one can be trusted. Will the flowers and weeds work together and find water in time?.
  SKU 10897
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 21 - Dream Doors
Episode dream
Bonnie is flung out of a magical mystery bus and into the spotlight of a Greco-Roman arena. It's the match of the century, the greatest traits of Bonnie's personality have been animated into a team of characters.
  SKU 10901
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 22 - Someone Just Like Me
Episode someone
When a soccer ball bounces off the wall it temporarily knocks Danny out of reality and into a dream world of animated garbage. How will he escape The Great Claw?.
  SKU 10905
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 23 - House of Horrors
Nilus sandman episode
David is locked in a haunted house with ghosts and ghouls. He is told that the only way out is to find a mysterious glove. But when he finds the glove, the chase continues!.
  SKU 10909
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 24 - Achy Breaky Bod
Episode achy
There's a loud unruly guitar-playing virus running loose in Farah's body that needs to be treated. Nilus follows as a shrunken Farah enters her own body and tries to fix things herself.
  SKU 10913
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 25 - The Wizard is Ill
Nilus sandman episode
It's poison pincher crab country and if you ain't a crab, you ain't welcome. When Norm commits to help both an ailing raptor as well as a group of cuddly aliens, he may have put all of them in even greater danger than before..
  SKU 10917
Nilus The Sandman - Episode 26 - Guilty
Nilus sandman episode guilty
Ian's dream takes him into a George Orwell style factory where our hero finds that he is guilty for a crime he didn't commit. In a society that is too quick to judge on looks, Ian is being taken advantage of. Will he take charge in time?.
  SKU 10921
Nilus the Sandman Special 01: The First Day
First day
NILUS visits Samantha, the new kid at school, who is desperately trying to fit in with the cool crowd. Samantha wishes that she could be anyone other than herself and anywhere other than where she is. And so Nilus obliges..
  SKU 10925
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